Boost Your Body: 3 WaysDec 18th

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Christmas Pajamas for Grownups!Dec 11th

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The Cold-Sore That Almost Ruined EverythingDec 02nd

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The Cold Sore that Almost Ruined Everything

The weekend before Thanksgiving I started getting sick, and as lousy as it was to feel cruddy I suffered the most from a cold sore. I think it was the stress plus a fever that brought that miserable thing out. Right on the inside of my top lip, that miserable beast reminded me of its existence any time I talked, ate, or breathed. I was freaked out that it would ruin my wedding. I didn't want our first kiss as man and wife to be executed in pain....more

ThankfulDec 01st

You guys. My birthday is this week. I’ll be 30 ....more

I’m Thankful For My Middle ChildNov 25th

I love my children to the moon and back. Each and every one. I love them all ....more

“Negotiations” from a six-year-oldNov 12th

So today is Coco’s sixth birthday. Cue the weeping and “time goes too fast” sentiments. I’m pretty stoked at how this little girl is turning out ....more

The Perfect Latch At All TimesNov 06th

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New Adventures as a Mommy to #3

I guess I'm what you would call a veteran mom. I already had two kids and learned the ropes before this third baby. Right? Meh. While I am definitely more comfortable with some things, like breastfeeding, I am just as much of a newbie when it comes to understanding this new little creature in our home....more