Hail to Mothers, Women, and... Boobs.

I want to address some real issues about supporting Mothers in the USA: Women are viewed as: Objects Sex Objects Directly proportionate in "value" to their level of "fuckability" Public Prop...more

How Long is too Long to Keep Your Holiday Lights Up?

Once Christmas is over I have the urge to take everything down right away usually the Christmas ...more

I knew the "Von Maur Shooter"

December 5th, 2007. Omaha, NE. I was off from work that day and Shawn and I had been dating for almost 2 months at the time. It was a normal day....more

Raise Up Your Spouse

  I resisted Pinterest ALL day. I made my bloggy reading-and-commenting rounds and continued working today instead of logging on......more

Don't Fight Over Money

Finances and marriage. The two go together like a horse and carriage. LOL... sorry.   But seriously, money is something you'll have to work into marriage. There is no one-solution-fits-all because every person is different, thus every marriage is different....more

Psychological Needs in Hetero* Marriages

Everyone has needs. Emotional needs, phsyical needs, psychological needs. All kinds of things that make us feel like "us" and make us happy....more

Someone Loves You

Every Tuesday Gita would go protest at one of her local planned parenthood clinics on behalf of speechless fetuses. She stood on the "pro life" side but had friends and family with both similar and different opinions on the subject....more

A Bright Pop of Color

Ok I'm REALLY into an orange front door, especially since Shawn said "go" to it for our house. We both just agree that it's too soon to paint the house (4 months-fresh) even though we are just NOT tan/beige/taupe house people.I think taking this baby step towards hanging our freak flag will get the neighborhood used to us. Here's some other orange doors that are GORGEOUS. ...more
Great note... I didn't know that! We'll choose the safer one. We live here mostly and look at it ...more

How and When in the Now

I strive to live in the moment. My partner is a great inspiration to me on this; he does a great job of it. Shawn rarely loses sight of what is True and he never takes the rising sun for granted. It's amazing and if it's corny, so be it but this is something I am trying to learn from him.  I am a planner. I need to have all my bearings gathered with at least an outline of things to come....more