SmartPhone: Is it Smart to get your Child a Smartphone?

If you had asked me about 6 months ago, I would have said no. But, in just 4 short years, my 14 year old son will be serving a mission with his very own ipad mini, and he needs to be able to DEAL with technology without me standing over his shoulder. And with little fanfare, this summer — we bought him a smartphone ....more

Favorite Christmas Traditions: Yearly Ornaments

Our Tree isn’t perfect — it’s not even CLOSE to perfect. ...more

Come Join Our Group

Facebook is magically making everyone’s posts disappear into oblivion. BUT, you can see me by joining my Facebook Group. You will see all my recent posts (hopefully, if magical internet Gods are in my favor)...more

We Dropped our Dental Insurance

A year ago we made the drastic decision to drop our dental insurance. {gasp, the horror} And frankly, we’ve come out well ahead. ...more

Stop Black Thursday

We can’t call it Black Friday if all the main sales are on Thursday. Hi, I’m Hilary and I’ve worked a major holiday every year since 1997. ...more

LDS Church: The truth will set us free.

Perhaps you saw this article on CNN about Joseph Smith having many wives....more

Fight Calendar Bulge by Shopping Online

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine. Oh, December ....more

Life’s a Balance: Calories vs Calisthenics

Muscle, bone, hormones, cartilage, ligaments, organs, blood and the ever-important brain. ...more

Blogging for Income: October CFO Report

October was a good month here at Pulling Curls. ...more

2015 Primary Excel File

If you aren’t a Primary President (or at least in a primary presidency), I can gurantee this post is useless…. but if you are: ...more