How are you living?

"Your children will see what you're all about by what you live rather than what you say." Wayne Dyer ...more

Attend Every Parenting Class

  If you’ve been assigned to Parenting Classes, make sure you attend every one. Show up early, bring a notebook and pen, read the material, do the homework. Participate in every discussion and ask questions. Most of all listen and understand what is being taught. It is valuable information. You are there to learn.   It would appear to most Social Workers that you need to learn to be a parent. Parenting doesn’t come naturally to everyone, therefore it would be wise to listen and ask questions. You won’t be condemned for asking questions....more

CPS Facts (Series #1)

              There are entire government agencies devoted to protecting children against their own parents. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there were 408,452 children in foster care as of September 30, 2010. Just less than half a million kids live with care givers who are not their parents. Numbers are improving. In 2006 there were 510,000 children in the foster care system....more

Family Fun When You Feel Like Crap

    You know kids need family time even if you feel shitty. You can make it easy on yourself and help the kids feel special. Really if the kids feel special, they will be far better behaved making your life easier. To quote Charlie Sheen "winning". Here are some ideas.1. Cooking. You will probably need to cook dinner so let them help. Small kids can open things, pour things, and stir things. Older kids can cut, mix and cook....more