Are we in a bad economy?

I decided to hire a caterer for my husband’s 50th birthday.  I wanted to have a small cocktail party of a few close friends and have hors d’oeuvres....more

Feelin' It at the Gym

The last couple of months I’ve been feeling stagnant.  I injured my knee and haven’t been motivated to work out.In December, I decided that enough was enough and that I would push myself. I joined Equinox in Woodbury and started training with a personal trainer two days a week.  On the other days, I decided I would force myself to either run or go spinning.Every day it’s a struggle.  I have an internal fight with myself.  I don’t want to go and work out. I’d rather do anything else!...more

Preservation Hall Turns 50…

A couple of months back, my husband, Brian, asked me if I wanted to go see Preservation Hall in concert at Carnegie Hall.  I said, sure....more

Hilary's Top 10 2011 Blogher Swag

Everyone loves swag. And, at the Blogher Conference in San Diego last August, I was given so much swag, I had to buy another suitcase! (I could have left the stuff at the hotel room but how could I part with beloved swag?)It’s taken me months to get an opportunity to sample the products and I wanted to share with you my favorites from the show: Top 10:•    Nestle’s Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer (this stuff is natural and tastes great in coffee!)...more

Deja Vu?

Did you ever meet people who you immediately have a connection with? You almost feel as though you’ve always known them?...more

Last Chance for What?

The other day, I was in Central Park riding bicycles with my family....more

Looking to move? Try Trulia!

Recently, I came across an interactive website that I found quite interesting.  I’m thinking (dreaming) about buying an office in Manhattan or one of the five boroughs so I did a search and found

Labor Day and White Pants?

I think I first heard about not wearing white pants after Labor Day from one of my High School friends, Abby Alexander.  She was so sure about this fact that she even showed me magazine articles about it.So for years, I didn’t wear white after Labor Day.I was recently looking through my closet and found that I have almost two dozen pairs of white pants — cropped pants, capris and long pants.  Am I really not going to wear these after Labor Day?...more
Very cool! However, I could never pull off a pair of white pants because I spill coffee on ...more