Why Aren't There Pixar Underwear for Girls? (Except for Brave)

This post is a bit more rant-y than my other posts so be forewarned. I don't normally get all riled up about things like gender bias. Until now.L.E. is potty-trained. It went much better than I could have dreamed and that's all I really want to say about it so I don't jinx her to where she poops in her carseat tomorrow....more
I found these….granted they are still for boys, but there is not a weenie flap.  I will be ...more

Top Ten Signs You Didn't Get Any Sleep Last Night

10. You pour salt in your coffee but drink it anyway 9. You forget to lift the kid-potty-seat on the toilet 8. You call your husband "Bob." His name is not Bob 7. You don't even bother sorting the lights and darks before throwing them in the washer. You may have forgotten to use soap 6. While trying to blog, you rub your eyes and stare off into space for 20 minutes ...more


A conversation Dr. T and I had recently sparked some serious thought. He worries that by blogging so much about my life, I run the risk of over-share territory and worries that L.E. will one day be bullied because of it....more

Split Pea Soup With Ham

I have a problem with ham. Every holiday, I buy a 10-lb ham for like four people. So there's a huge amount left. What do we do with it? Either eat ham sandwiches for the next week or get more creative.Dr. T. made split pea soup right after L.E. was born and it was a hit. I figured I could make it better.And I did....more

Where Did THOSE Come From?

Every morning after Dr T and L.E. leave, I take some quiet time for myself and figure out how I'm going to spend my day.Then I take a few minutes for some "maintenance." I call it my morning tweeze & squeeze. Blackheads need popped, grey hairs need plucked and I have to wonder how long that mole has been on my face and if it's getting darker.Don't be squeamish; you know you do it, too.This morning, I was in my squeezey groove when I noticed it. Them. I have no idea how long they've been there. I don't know if other people have noticed them.Nose hairs....more

I Suck At Reading

Normally I love to read but I've had a hard time finishing a book lately. Here is a list of books I need to finish before I can justify purchasing George Takei's Oh Myyyy: There Goes the Internet. ...more

Finding My Voice; Getting It Heard

L.E. turned three this past weekend.I could sit here and reflect on how the last three years of parenthood have changed me but I feel like that would be wasted space. I've done plenty of self-reflection lately and it hasn't been pretty....more

Top Ten More Signs You're a Terrible Stay-At-Home-Mom

My last Top 10 was so fun that I've come up with 10 more reasons why I should find more paid work. 10. Your child still goes to preschool. 9. You spent 20 minutes telling your husband about the battle of wills you got into with a spider named Herman. 8. You now have a pet spider named Herman. ...more


Last week was my first ever spring break experience with my child. We made the most of it; I am exhausted and happy she's back in school.Here is a list of things I should be doing right now: ...more

Warts and Jewels

I thought today was going to be different. But when the day started with 4 am screaming, I should have realized it wasn’t going to get better.I always think it’s going to be fun. And manageable. But then the reality of life with an almost-three-year-old sets in…unpredictability reigns....more