Best Friend Break Ups: They're Hard to Do

Ten years ago, my best friend dumped me.  Can I face her at my  30th High School reunion?...more

The New COPPA Rules: What Parents Need to Know

Did you know that it's illegal for kids to have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail accounts.  Not a rule.  A Federal regulation.   As of July 1st,  that regulation - the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act -  is going to change. ...more

Sexual Assault and Social Media: What You Need to Tell Your Kids

That social media and sex are intertwined is no surprise....more

So I don't Like My Body. So what?

I just went shopping for a dress for my kids' B'nai Mitzvah. I  have been avoiding it - thinking that maybe if I lose 5 pounds (at least) first, I'll be happier with how I look.  But I'm kidding myself.  I need to shop for the body I have and not the body I want.  Because the truth is, I am never going to love my body just the way it is, and I just have to learn to live with that....more
You reminded me of my nails!  I chewed my nails for years and always was embarrassed about their ...more

You Need to Talk to Your Kids About Online Porn. Really, You do.

Recently, I wrote about how I got to teach my daughter a lesson about real life and the online worldwhen she got into a bit of virtual trouble. This week, I'm writing about acting pre-emptively. Because, well, as the Avenue Q song says: The internet is for porn...more

Twitter vs. Cocktail Hour

In the 18th century, to break up the monotony of stoking fires and slaughtering oxen, American housewives tatted, going blind making lace, blissfully unaware that it was the pre-cursor to Hanky Panky thongs. In the 19th century, women had their salons, performing for each other, and leaving us a legacy of reality stars who are talentless, yet revered. In the middle of the 20th century, women stopped with all the activities, and started drinking. Heavily.  The only way out of the tedium of housewifery was the three martini lunch. Eventually, Martinis gave way to the less social Valium, then the more social Prozac, and finally the insanity of Soul Cycle.Today, women no longer need mind altering substances to escape from the numbing tedium of every day life.  We have Twitter.But are drinking and tweeting really all that different?  You decide:...more

Teaching Your Child Real World Lessons from a Virtual World

My 12 year old daughter was recently approached inappropriately  by an older man, and I couldn't be happier.Yup, you read that right.Why would that make me happy?  Because she was approached by a virtual man on a virtual dance floor in a virtual world.  Only virtual harm done....more
Great article.more

The Rules for a Good Brand/ Blogger Relationship

I love this. Brilliant!more