At War with the Chicken Pox Vaccine

I am on a mission to avoid the chicken pox vaccine. I know, I know. Darren is only seven months old, but I want to be well informed. Without stuttering and stammering, I want to tell his future teachers and doctors why he shouldn’t have the vaccine. Call me crazy, but I have my reasons. This post was created in response to a blog post from The Mommy Chronicles: Vaccinate or Face Jail...Say What!? I OBJECT! Why? ...more

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The first reason ...more

My Child is Blessed

I went to church on Sunday.I know big surprise.I felt like I hadn’t gone in ages, but with all the hub-bub of the fall over and a lucky day off of work, I took advantage of the opportunity to hear the good Lord’s word.It is a small country church and because I’m black I knew my presence would be a slight distraction. I usually don’t use the latter as an excuse, but it’s perfectly fitting for the situation....more

Busted: I’m a Nuk Sucker

Busted: I’m a Nuk Sucker 11-2-2010 “You know that is for the baby right?” The Schwan’s man throws this causal comment my way as I prepare to put Darren down for the night at my parents place. I don’t even have to turn to know what he is talking about. Pretty sure Darren’s nuk is residing in my mouth at the moment. And yes, I am casually sucking it as I flip the lights off. How embarrassing. The sad thing is it happens all the time. I mean, I suck on Darren’s nuk all the time, but strangers usually don’t see this habit....more

My daughter throws her binki as far as she can and then cries desperately because she wants it. ...more

Why I Won’t Vote This Year

Why I Won’t Vote This Year- 11-1-2010 I bet the title has you on edge already. But, yes, I am not voting this year. My choice. Say what you will, I have my reasons. Reason one: I am a working mother with limited time. I don’t (like I imagine most working mothers) have time to research sixty different government offices, local and national, all of which have two or three candidates each....more

Sad Puppy

“I know what your blog should be today,” The hubby said this to me two days ago. I turned from the door and gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?” “Sad Puppy.” I still was confused. “Babe, that is the fifth time you’ve checked the door in a half an hour.”...more

Skinny Girls Have Jiggly Too

 Cindalicous calls it her persians (like the bakery treat). Black people know it as a booty-do. A lot of bloggy moms refer to it as their jiggly. Me I just know it as the extra padding. But I do have it.  My discovery of this jiggly started when my husband looked at me two weeks ago and said. “Those jeans don’t fit like they use to.” “Um, yeah. I did have a baby.” ...more

The Dirty Laundry Fetish

The laundry and I are holding an uneasy truce. All the clean clothes are in three baskets piled in the bedroom, while all the dirty clothes occupy the floor in front of the laundry machine. The dryer is rumbling and the washer is waiting patiently to feed it its fifth load of laundry....more

Thanks Elana for reading! I keep trying to tell him that there are places who would love to wear ...more

What’s in Your Couch?

I am on a mission to find my camera. I was using it last night, but in the space of twelve hours it has completely disappeared. This is no surprise to me. My house is a disaster. There are clothes (clean and dirty) in every room. Toys are scattered in the living room and I don’t even want to fathom how many hours it will take me to get our bedroom organized much less the rest of the house....more

The Black Phenomena (10-4-2010)

So I am doing an interview on Wednesday. I’ll be talking about race. This should be interesting. For all of you that know me, ‘race’ is a tongue-in-cheek topic to me. They say age is nothin’ but a number, well, that’s how I view this whole race topic. It’s nothin’ but a color, stereotype, or category that makes people more noticeable to the general public....more