A**holes and Elbows

The first and only time I ever ran from a police officer I was probably 23 years old and I didn't even really need to.  It just seemed like the necessary thing to do at the time.   ...more

Muppet Envy

Summer and autumn are birthday season in our house. Daddy and Erin have June birthdays, Tony and Hannah have July, and then Kalen, Bryn and I are all clustered in near the end of September. Every year I get requests for birthday gifts from the kids. Some bang-up razzu gizmo that either morphs, lights up, makes noise, shoots sparks out its butt, or whatever they've seen on commercials watching T.V. at Grammy's house. ...more

My friends got the real ones, with the birth certificates. I got the cheap knockoff with no ...more

As Long As There's Coffee the Cheescake Will Live

Introduce youself, the Using This Site portion of this new world encourages me. So I am. In here my moniker is Hippiichyk, and under that tag is where I blog. I had to ask a more computer term savvy friend what the hell a blog was...my brain told me it was a Bitch-log because that's what it sounded like it could be, but my friend told me it was short for 'Web-Log'. Online journaling for the world to read, ignore or maybe sometimes comment on. ...more

Oh I like that better than weblog.

Send me an email at denise @ blogher . com and I'll help ...more

Of Sheep and Kids

Last weekend, my oldest son was staying here as he does every weekend. Normally he stays with his Dad, but on the weekends and during the summers I brow-beat him to come to our house where he is the oldest sibling instead of the only child. Since he is 14 now, this can have varying effects, depending on which of the younger siblings are farmed out to other relatives. Last weekend was good. None of his friends were looking so he actually hung out with me. When we are at peace with each other we laugh a lot. ...more

Pre-school Crime Spree

"Here's one, Mom!" My three year old daughter Bryn told me as I was tucking her into bed a couple of nights ago. She was handing me the tail end of what was left of a strawberry. "Ohhhh! So this is where you went to eat 'em after you stole them out of the fridge." ...more

Store Wars

If there is one thing I look forward to even more than having my eyes gouged out with a dull spoon it is the grand adventure of taking the four youngest of my children grocery shopping when it is 5:00 p.m., every person in Kalispell is in the store shopping for dinner, and my kids have decided they live like Ethiopians because they haven't had food for approximately 4 1/2 minutes. ...more