The Ugly Truth


Things change


Soup's On

 After having surgery my stomach is only able to hold about 2 ounces. Eventually I will be abe to eat 4 ounces, but my new stomach needs time to heal which will take about eight weeks....more

One Giant Leap

After exhausting every possible diet and exercise program, I researched all of my options and decided to have the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. As we move through this next year I will ramble on as to why I'm taking this route, but for now let's just leave it at trust me, I know what I'm doing....more
@HipMarye excited for what's ahead for you, but I don't want less of you! Okay, less body mass ...more

Organic Gardening at Home

Last year I attended an organic gardening seminar presented by Wayne Porter, the Area Horticulture Agent from Mississippi State University Extension Service. The information was for home gardeners, not for those wanting to sell their produce. If you're local, you might want to attend some of his workshops at the MS State Extension office in Lamar County....more

Uncovering Dyslexia

My dear sweet boy was not reading on grade level. We started out using a phonics program called Explode the Code, and then we used Hooked on Phonics. We also tried a program call Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I really thought we were making progress, so we started using old Dick and Jane readers, and graduated up to Level/I Can Read books, but we kept getting stuck and worse yet, we were slipping backwards....more
The above list is what Susan Barton said doesn't work and since I had tried a number of those ...more