Skimming the Treetops, Hoping We Don't Crash and Burn

As I posted before, I got my husband and I into a lot of debt by not managing our money.  We are taking action before our family crashes. I am open to any advice any of you have, especially about legit ways I can bring in some money. I am not a salesperson, so all those direct marketing businesses (Lia Sophia, Pampered Chef etc) wouldn't work for me. Ideally something I could do from home on my own time that wouldn't require paying for child care. ...more

I'm Scared

My husband has a good job with a good salary.  I stay home with our three kids.  I've been in charge of our finances from the beginning because with my husband's often late hours he honestly doesn't have time to deal with it.  Problem is, despite having the time, I haven't been giving our finances the attention they deserve and now we're close to being in trouble. ...more

Early Intervention - Feeding Issues

My stubborn little 2 1/2 year old son will still not eat table food, and it's starting to bug me. I've been patient long enough. Time to call in the experts. Any tips please post comments to the attached post.

MS study

I recently signed up for a MS study to help find a cure that my Mom was diagnosed with 5 years ago. If anyone is a first degree relative of someone with MS, please read my post and check out the link to the study