An Olympic-Sized Achievement: Scholar-Athlete Amanda Scott

2012 is not only a leap year, it’s an Olympic year. That means that in the next few months thousands of hopefuls are gearing up for Olympic Trials to try to secure a spot to represent their country at the summer games, to be held in London.  How many of those who have qualified to compete can say that they were also one of the top collegiate scholars in the world?...more
Congrats to Amanda who finished in 128th today at the Trials!more

"Aunt Flo" and the Female Athlete

No, not Flo-Jo (aka the legendary Florence Griffith-Joyner—still considered the fastest woman ever). I’m talking about our monthly visitor, curse, and any other number of nicknames/euphemisms we women use to describe our menstrual cycles. ...more
@hleveyfriedman thx 4 your latest article! Do you know much about our nonprofit &how it is ...more

Throw Like a Girl: Reviewing Softball Legend Jennie Finch's New Book

You may recognize her from her pitching in the Olympics. Or from the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Or even from The Apprentice. Now you should also recognize her as an author....more

Age Cut-offs, Limits, and Manipulations in Sports

This past weekend I enjoyed watching the kick-off to the US women's gymnastics season at the Covergirl Classic, which featured the "comebacks" of Shawn Johnson and Chelsie Memmel, the continued dominance of Alicia Sacramone, and the debut of several new stars.  Of course the veterans "coming back" are around 23-years-old, and the newcomers are 15.  I also watched the first night of the FINA World Championships on Sunday as the ...more
I was not familiar with the term "red-shirted" before this article, but I am very familiar with ...more

"Don't Let My Stilettos Fool You. I Still Want to Win."

New female sports heroes alert! Continuing my "Shrinking and Pinking" series, I started last month... ...more

Athletic Barbies and Real Women in Sports

As I was reading the latest ESPN The Magazine, I came across a photo spread of athletic Barbie dolls through the years, which got me thinking about shrinking and pinking -- that is, how athletic gear for women is created and portrayed....more

We are on the same page! I started a company called Chicks Play Sports so that girls could have ...more

(STUDY) Findings on Sport Moms and Sport Daughters

So it didn't surprise us that moms were much more likely to be with kids when they visited the doctor for a youth sports injuries. What did surprise us is how many dads were present as well. Out of 989 office visits, dads were at the appointment 44.7% of the time. However, dads are significantly more likely to be at an appointment if it is their son who is injured, irrespective even of a child's age. ...more

What's worth noting as well that a mom was at the office visit for the sports injury (regardless ...more