Lovage & Gin Fizz

I met Courtney Webb a couple weeks ago and right off the bat, she was saying all the right words to me: chai peanut butter, white truffle...more

Kinfolk (Part One)

Our Kinfolk dinner. Good Lord, I could write a novel about it. I'm not typically one for sentimentality- I've been called a number of unpleasant terms by really just a slew people after admitting that I didn't cry during The Notebook-...more

Sweet Corn Pots de Creme with Strawberry Compote

This summer has been a little bit of a haze for me. Following some rather serious trauma in May, I began to have trouble with memory, a power of the brain that, as I've learned, is really pretty paramount to being a functional human. Sometimes a common word like "poster" simply won't come to me; I call places by the wrong name; I ask Dan the same question repeatedly; I leave burners on long after I'm done making a cup of tea ....more

Summer + Bachelor's Jam

Maybe I've been reading...more

Obsession Pie

In Nashville tomatoes are practically an icon, boasting a level of fame and fandom on par with the twangiest of country music stars. For ten years now, the tomato has inspired its own festival, complete with tomato themed murals, music, jewelry, art and recipe contests. "The tomato is a uniter, not a divider," the festival posters, bumper stickers and t-shirts say ....more

Strawberry Jam with Lavender and Honey

Back in April I went hiking in the woods behind my house every morning. The soft earth gave way beneath me as my boots sang a rhythmic...more

As American As

A while back a dear friend of mine emailed me to ask if I had any good Father's Day-related stories or recipes.Yes! I wrote back.When my maternal Great Grandfather came to America from Greece he knew one word in English: apple pie. Like many immigrants, he arrived in New York City and took a job at a hotel ....more

My favorite summer drink + online magazine

Have I mentioned to y'all how much I love The Chalkboard Magazine? My editor, Suzanne, is one of the only people in the whole world who gets excited when I talk about fermentation. And better yet, she lets me write about it.Here is my second article that's been published in The Chalkboard ....more


Last week something amazing happened: I got to watch Jeni Britton Bauer make ice cream right here in Nashville at Rolf & Daughter's. To those of us that follow the religion that is ice cream, she is basically the savior, come to lead the rest of us down the path of dairy enlightenment. Her book, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home, has been dubbed the "homemade ice cream-making Bible" by The Wall Street Journal ....more

Preview: Darling Magazine Issue No. 4

This past month I wrote, styled and photographed an article about bonfire cooking for the fourth issue of Darling Magazine, which is now available for pre-order here!  Until your copy comes in the mail, I thought I'd tide you over with some outtakes from the shoot. Here are a few shots of my favorite item on the menu: S'mores Sundaes with Bourbon Cream Sauce ....more