Geek Mom loves her Wii

My husband surprised me with the news a few months ago. "Honey, I got a Wii! I wasn't looking for one, but I just happened to wander into the game store, and the guy said they had just got the shipment, and they hadn't even unpacked them yet. They're really hard to find, so I was lucky to find one, and I had to get it, and we can give it to the kids for Christmas..." That was back in September. ...more

Life is all about poop (if you're a mom)

It may come as a shock for new mothers, the way life starts to revolve around poop. From Day One, a baby's health is measured in part by the poops he produces. And it doesn't stop when you bring the baby home... No, that's just the beginning. Some hospitals send mothers home with log sheets, to make it easier for parents to keep track of all the diaper action. Not only do the diapers have to be changed and bottoms wiped, but the frequency and consistency of the poop needs to be observed and acknowledged. ...more

Are you a Slasher? Hint: most moms are!

You may have heard of a new trend in career designations recently. The "Slash Career" is gaining acceptance among mainstream workers. The Slash (/) is no longer reserved for the starving creative types, as in Actor/Busboy, Artist/Barista, Singer/Waitress, etc. ...more

My misadventure in turkey roasting: Did we get a defective bird, or did I screw up?

I've been putting together a page on Thanksgiving recipes over at Squidoo. It's been a lot of fun researching the various ways of preparing turkey, carving turkey, mashing potatoes, etc. It has me reminiscing about my first Thanksgiving with my husband, and that always makes me laugh. So in the interest of sharing a smile today, here is my personal, embarrassing turkey misadventure story. Enjoy! ...more

Google: I hate myself for loving you

Some days, I just want to break up with Google. I want Google to take all his stuff and get out, and leave me alone with my own quiet life. And then I can make my place just the way I like it, without having to worry about what Google will think... Read more ...more

It's like a party in here!

Hello! This is such a lively community, it's almost like being in a crowded room full of friendly ladies, and everybody's meeting new friends and talking at once, having a good time. I think I'll go stand by the chips. :-) Nice to meet you! ...more

You're right, it is like a party - unfortunately your host has been missing in action. My ...more