Family photos in a beach sunset

Every year around Mikko's birthday (usually on),we walk out to the beachfor a special silhouette photo shoot.Here's this year's,with three children standing.Previous years:All five of us For the curious, Alrik decided to color his hair blueto match his YouTube hero, DanTDM.I think it's suits him, don't you?We used a temporary liquid hair chalk,so it was turning aqua by this point.Sun-gildedSweet boysBeautiful sunsetDig in!Deeper…Deeper…Deeper!Yes, this was at Mikko's request.It's all fun and games till a brother shovels sand in your face.(It was an accident.)(He says.)My sweetheart and me,about to celebrate 18 love-filled years of marriageBubbles!Hooray!Throwing rocks with KarstenWhat a lovely beach evening. Thanks for subscribing to Hobo Mama. Please feel free to comment on the post & share it with friends! ...more


The other day, nine-year-old Mikko was intrigued by our returning something to Home Depot. "Are they giving you cash back? Can I have the munz?"I said: "Normally, I'd tell you that it belongs to me, but I'm tempted to now that you've made up a new nickname for money.""Oh, sure, Mama," he said ....more

On branded clothing and parental expectations

Recently I was talking with a nanny who was telling me why the kids she cares for ended up with Sesame Street shoes. She was apologetic in explaining it: It was all they had left! They were on clearance, in their size, so we had to make do!Meanwhile, she full knows my kids are nearly always in head-to-toe character-branded nonsense: My Little Pony Crocs, Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's and Star Wars T-shirts, Spider-Man and Power Rangers hoodies, plus assorted accessories ....more

On being five & not wanting to die: Playing through the serious questions

Alrik recently turned five years old. Maybe this engendered a sense of impending mortality, because he's been talking daily about how he doesn't want to die, and doesn't want me to die, and doesn't want family members or pets to die, or really anybody.I think there are two types of people in this world: those who fear death constantly, and those who kind of push it out of their minds to think about occasionally but not obsess. I am one of the former group ....more

Best solutions for thigh rub under summer skirts, shorts, & swimsuits

Perhaps strangely for being a parenting blog, one of my most enduring and popular posts is the one I wrote bemoaning "chub rub" or inner thigh chafing in skirts. Apparently we are not alone, sisters (and/or brethren), in having our thighs touch!If you're irritated by your bare thighs rubbing together and producing a rash while you walk, be irritated no more. Do not mourn your lack of the elusive thigh gap: Just figure out the best thing to wear to stop the rub ....more

Last days to get my parenting ebooks on sale!

A gentle reminder that the deep discount on my three parenting ebooks is coming to a close. The countdown is on!Right now they're at these prices: The Natural Parent's Guide to Babywearing: Baby Carriers Made Simple —...more

Homeschooling in the everyday

Here are more of our unschooling adventures, as chronicled in instamoments.For ideas for everyday learning,be sure to check out What Will We Learn Today?,my homeschool ideabook,on sale this week only! Parent-child pottery class, now with multiple children! #parentchild #parentchildclass #pottery #potteryclass #ceramics #ceramicsclass #potterystudio #ceramicsstudio #alki #alkibathhouse #communitycenter #boys #sons #fatherson #fathersontime #dadsontime #8years #4years #seattle #westseattle A photo posted by Lauren Wayne (@hobomamacom) on Apr 14, 2016 at 6:13pm PDT Doing #prodigymathgame today with the 8 & 4yo for #homeschooling ....more

Get my parenting ebooks for only 99 cents each — hurry!

I've enrolled all my parenting ebooks into a special promotion at Amazon called Kindle Countdown Deals. Starting today, each one is available starting at only $0.99 for a limited time. You can see the time left on the countdown timer ....more

Spring days at the beach

Our springy adventures! #springhassprung! A photo posted by Pirate Family Fun & Learning (@piratefamilyfun) on Feb 20, 2016 at 4:24pm PST Playing #cantcatchme with the tide ....more

Teaching your children not to cooperate with law enforcement

This article is written from a U.S. perspective with regards to matters of law. I welcome other perspectives in the comments.Did you see Making a Murderer, about a man who's been convicted AGAIN of a crime he possibly did not commit? We don't have to go into my opinions of Steven Avery's guilt or innocence — I just want to talk about what seems to me to be a classic case of extorting a false confession out of his 16-year-old nephew, Brendan Dassey, and my fear that my children could one day be accused, arrested, tried, and convicted simply because I haven't told them this important piece of advice: Don't talk to the police ....more