Assorted hilarious Tweets + a #TwitterBirth

Ever wonder what goes on on Twitter when you're not looking? So. Much ....more

How to kill your child's love of learning

You want your kids to enter into learningbecause they want to,not because they have to. Quiz them on a topic.Make a lesson out of it.Tell them what they should know about it, and make them present what you deem as important, in a format you consider appropriate.Mikko's been watching some Wild Kratts episodes lately and inserting random factoids into everyday conversations. (Did you know hummingbirds beat their wings in a figure-8? ...more

We have a toddler!

Guess it's official! Thanks for subscribing to Hobo Mama. Please feel free to comment on the post & share it with friends! ...more

Christmas boys

I want to share a few sweet photos from the recent holiday season.Christmas Eve brothers in matching jammiesBusting out all overPicking out the Christmas Eve present to open And choosing to open it with his feet…Pleased with his new jumbo coloring book Satisfied with the spoilsThe grandparents went all out.Christmas-morning breakfastThat is one happy gun-toting baby.Helping open the giftsHooray for Christmas! Thanks for subscribing to Hobo Mama. Please feel free to comment on the post & share it with friends! ...more

LAST DAY for my vitafusion™ FiberWell Fit $100 giveaway!

Happy New Year's Eve!I'm just reminding you that it's your last chance to enter my sponsored giveaway for a $100 Visa gift card. I had the opportunity to review vitafusion™ FiberWell™ Fit gummies and learn how convenient they are (a) to take on the go and (b) to ensure I get that extra boost of fiber in my day.Go leave an easy comment on the giveaway post, and you can be entered to win some cool cash! Thanks for subscribing to Hobo Mama ....more

And so a baby grows

For Christmas Eve, I've given myself a gift: I finally collected all the random clipsof baby Karsten from 8 months in Juneto the present at 14 months. Watch and be amazed at such accomplishments as Clapping Squealing Rolling Standing Peekaboo Babbling Speed-crawling Dart fetching And many more amazing feats! In other words, all the totally usual baby stuff!But it's greatly entertaining me,and, I hope, the grandparents ....more

Last-minute homemade holiday gifts for kids

Need a few Christmas-is-almost-here gifts for little ones? Here's a selection of options you crafty wizzes (et al.) can whip up on the quick. Bonus points that they'll be handmade with love (also speed!) ....more

Building our own Christmas tree

Mikko picked out a Lego Christmas treewhen we were at the Mini Maker Faire.Fluffy branches, festive ornaments,and brightly wrapped packages ahoy! Plus some very silly jokes.Very, very silly.You can make your own tree with the kit,or just with some Christmassy Legosyou have lying around(to step on and have your toddler eat— or, at any rate, that's what happens to them here).How are you preparing for the holidays? I've got a sponsored giveaway from vitafusion™ and BlogHer!Tell me about your greens, and you could win some green! ...more

Nikolaus boots afilled!

Sankt Nikolaus hat uns besucht!...more

A tale of two kitties

I really, really had to convince myself not to make the title any worse of a pun by spelling it "tail." You're welcome.I want to talk with you today about my cats — one fat, one skinny — and what that means. I think it's illustrative of what body composition is like for humans as well as felines.We adopted our kitties from a rescue. They're purported to be Maine Coons (no idea if there's a mix of something else in there), which are a large and hearty American cat breed ....more