Grace Takes Heavy Lifting

As I sit down to write today, my fingers feel hollow, as if they barely have the strength to press the letters on the keyboard before shattering.  My gut feels hollow, too.  This is, of course, in response to the news from Aurora.  The first time I remember this feeling is when I read a newspaper story in eighth grade about a student at the local university dying after being hazed.  Senseless, preventable death always kicks me in the gut....more

What Would Mrs. Porter Think?

When I was a little girl and we visited my grandmother in Lampasas, Texas, a moment always arrived, early in our visit, when we would trot obediently over to my grandmother’s next-door neighbor’s house.  Mrs. Porter seemed like she was about a thousand and three years old to me, and she was older than my grandmother, which probably means Mrs. Porter was in her seventies.  In any case, I remember her as a gentle, welcoming woman, and even though I’d be willing to bet that the conversations I had with her were stilted and shy, I enjoyed visiting Mrs....more

A Great Ride

When we were engaged to be married, Honey and one of his buddies (let’s call him Jimbo, since that’s his name) decided to attend another buddy’s graduation from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  We were in Texas.  So travel arrangements had to be made.Now, Honey & I were both okay financially, but he was still a full-time student, so he was not so okay that he could swing a plane ticket, and Jimbo was also a student, or intended to be a student, or pretended to be a student, depending on the day.  So air travel was out....more

Love Ain't What This Post's About

At Blossom’s request, I took a pan of brownies to her during her school lunch today.  She wanted to celebrate with her friends because school’s almost over.  Einstein chimed in with a “Me too,” so Ladybug & I ventured out for lunch today balancing two pans of brownies, a big bag of lunch, and four drinks.  The brownies were a huge hit.  I got back in the car to drive home, and as I left the school parking lot, I glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed a dark, raised, troubling mole on my forehead near my hairline.  I’d never seen it before.  Worried, I p...more

Grab a Box, Folks, We're On the Move.

This weekend at church, a visiting bishop from Kigezi, Uganda, Bishop George Katwesigye, spoke to us about being prepared to move.  “When God moves,” he said, “you too must be prepared to move.“...more
Yes, I agree.  "The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast ...more

When Foreign Feels Familiar

Rather grandly, I think, I promised y’all that this blog would concern itself with our nomadic life, and so far it really hasn’t.  I’m starting to feel like a sailor who has lived among the land-lubbers too long, frankly.  We moved overseas in 2002 for the first time, and did three posts of three years each in different countries.  Well, the kiddos and I only did a year and a half in the last one: Matamoros, Mexico.  When drug violence got bad there, Honey selflessly sent us to Austin, Texas, which was as wonderful for us as Matamoros was difficult.  After countless...more

Tell Me That Family Horror Story Again...

Nothing will jar you on a Friday morning like your 3-year-old daughter piping up from the back seat, “Mommy, tell me that story about the time Gaggie cut off your arms and feet and head again!”Gaggie, for those of you who are wondering about the identity of my attacker, is my dad.  Who, for the record, has never cut off my arms, feet, or head.  Not once.  So you can imagine that I was somewhat confused about which story, specifically, Ladybug was asking for....more

Ladybug Inspir-ed This Post

Ladybug has been on a roll lately.  She’s getting really funny, not just little-kid silly, and she’s getting better at holding her own with the big kids in our house and our neighborhood.  Of course, as my constant companion, she calls them “the kiddos” just like I do.  The first time she told me, “We need to go get the kiddos,” I did a double-take....more

It's All About Nutrition. And Pecan Pie.

My mother and I both had early morning flights out of Birmingham on Sunday.  We sat at her gate, talking and looking at the latest pictures of my kiddos on my phone.  Two sets of travelers waited at her gate.  Mom’s group had booked tickets to Dallas/Fort Worth.  The following flight would go to Miami.  When we approached the remarkably crowded gate at 6:00 a.m., the seats we found were close to the counter.  While we talked, we noticed a woman approach the gate agents and ask if she could be put on the Miami flight.  One agent got on the radio and asked a...more

Asking the Right Questions May Lead to Your Answer: Torn Review and Giveaway

Though I am not currently experiencing a fresh trauma, I was interested in reading Jud Wilhite’s book, Torn: Trusting God When Life Leaves You in Pieces, because I saw that he diverts readers from “why” questions about their situations to “who” questions....more