Chex Contest

I have a contest that ends very soon. Go here for details....more

Slow Cooker Sunday - Stuffed Peppers

The ingredients. I cheated and cooked the rice first. Was not sure how the rice situation would work. Didn't want to chance it. I normally use minute rice but this time I used Jasmine rice. Which my newer microwave does not cook rice nicely. So I used more water hoping it would not be super dry and almost burnt (but not done) like usual and this time it turned out mushy....more

Slow Cooker Sunday - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The ingredients minus the pineapple. Whoops! I used coconut milk again - but again no difference! I also used applesauce instead of oil (also not pictured).The pineapple!...more

Veggie Pasta Crockpot Bake

The various ingredients: Chopped up veggies and cheese chunks: ...more

Chocolate Coconut Crock Pot Cake

I was trying for a Thai theme, so I came up with this cake. It turned out o.k. but seemed to not want to cook too great. It doesn't look too pretty but it tastes good! I cannot for the life of me taste the coconut though. :( ...more

Good Deals at Walgreens This Week

I decided to do them all in one day and get them over with. I went ahead and did the 5th extra trip also which did not work as planned since the Carmex monthly deal is actually over....more

Slow Cooker Sunday ummmm....Monday

I forgot to post this on here yesterday. Sorry. You can find more of my slow cooker recipes plus super good deals at my blog.   I decided to go with Mexican once again. This time I added refried beans and black olives. I definitely should have used more red sauce. Live and learn....more

Slow Cooker Sunday - Cheesy Onion Enchilada Casserole

This will hopefully be a regular feature on my blog.I have been craving cheese and onion enchiladas lately. I desperately miss Don Pablos. I have tried other Mexican places but I have yet to find one that replaces them. :(I usually make them in the oven but I have to say no matter what I can not get them to turn out like the ones at Don Paublos. No matter if I barely put any sauce on them or no sauce at all they turn out too mushy or turn out too dry (without sauce). Good but mushy....more

Super Easy Crockpot Baked Ziti

Wow, was this super easy to make! O.k. so making it in the oven is pretty easy too but it can make your home super hot. Great for those winter months but definitely not good when it is 90 degrees outside!The only things I have ever made in my crockpot prior to today were chili , sauces and soups. I had been hearing how you can make all sorts of things but was skeptical. But I was determined to try what to me seemed impossible. Pasta....more

Crockpot Cooking

I have decided to start using my crockpot way more. I have only really ever used it for soups and chili. But all of that is going to change. I am going to attempt to make lasagna , baked ziti and many other things in my crockpot that I would have never imagined before. So stay tuned for posts about what tasty meals I come up with in my crockpot.     Any crockpot recipes you want to share? Any crockpot tips?     Also please feel free to go and check out my blog....more