Sip Up the Last Summer Tomatoes With Bloody Marias

We are steadily chugging through the first official week of kindergarten and our lives have gone from park playdates to practicing handwriting, literally overnight. Louisa is slowly finding her way in class; meeting new friends, figuring out the whole lunch thing (she's steadily stuck with peanut butter and jelly). I made the mistake of telling her they serve strawberry milk at school and she has looked for it every day since. ...more

Millet-Chocolate Chip Banana Bread {Dairy-Free}

 June 7th. That's the day I got the garden planted this year. I have been waiting an eternity and the day finally arrived. Now I'd like to say a little prayer....... Thank you Lord Jesus for not bringing me to this Earth during a time when one had to grow all their own food...... 'cause I am tired....more