What can we learn from an old window?

How many times did a mama look out this window, waiting for her boy to get back from war? She sees him walk down the dirt road to their hard scrabble farm, struggling to eek out a living on rapidly diminishing wheat prices and a season with too little rain. Did she eventually hang a gold star in the window? A yellow ribbon?...more

Sacred Shearing

Take away my mammal card if this is how people treat breastfeeding moms

I'm buried deep in blog posts that need to be written about our excursion down south, syllabi that need to be prepped for fall and a book that's in progress with a co-author. I've got a team of qualitative researchers waiting on my coding for a large journal article literature review. I've got three stitches in an all-important typing finger. Stuff needs to get done besides blogging!And yet, I feel the need to write about Julia today. ...more

My Happy Summer Place

 Go ahead and laugh; have a good go.  This is my happy summer place; and I don't care if you know....more

Borrowed Father

I'm an observer, a writer. A wife and a mom. I notice people; I see families. In honor of Father's Day, I'd like to show you a glimpse of what I see. Of what I write. Of what I know. Of what you should see too. My name is Jana Craft and this is Borrowed Father. ...more

10 Thing No One Tells You About Your Husband Losing 100+ Pounds

Recently, Christian Coleman posted an article on the Good Men Project on June 1, 2014 entitled “7 Things No One Tells You About Losing 100 Pounds.” While some of Coleman’s experiences are familiar, many are not. His views are those of a young man; where weight was lost via exercise and diet. Medical intervention was unnecessary and sweating was plentiful. Kudos to Coleman for his willingness to share his unique observations, thus far undetected by mass media and society in general. However, in my view, there is more to be said on this issue from a different perspective. ...more

An open letter to Mike Rowe (yes, the Dirty Jobs guy)

This letter is in respose to Mike Rowe's response to Facebook comments on his Wal-Mart commercial voiceover that aired during the 2014 Winter Olympics in February. Click here for Mike's original post and this letter will make much more sense. Dear Mr. Rowe,[oh, who am I kidding?]Hey Mike,...more

A Call for Little Stories

My mother recently asked me if I would ever write a novel. I said, no, because I'm just not that creative. Why should I make up people, places and situations when I find such fascination and joy within the confines of our social groups?  The real stories of ordinary people are the fabric of our collective story as a whole....more

Hi, I'm Taniqua the Tooth Fairy and I've Been Murdered

Originally posted to Holding True on June 2, 2014 Yesterday, our household lost a family member. Her name was Taniqua and she was the tooth fairy. This past Christmas Santa died and the Easter bunny didn't even show up this year. ...more

Ladies, do you respect your husband at the hair salon?

This is essentially part 2 of my blog entitled Gentlemen, do you love your wife at the lunch table? If you haven't read it yet do so now.  ...more