Quiet but not Mousy

Do people generally understand what you’re trying to say?I am a quiet, sleep-talking mumbler, who laughs a lot. People only understand me under the following circumstances:...more

Boyfriend as Music Blogger?

Do you write only for yourself, or do you use your blog to try to connect to other people?In the beginning, I wrote mostly for myself because I had only a handful of followers. So it was like talking to myself for quite awhile.Since I didn’t want to talk to myself all of the time, I learned how to connect with other people. It’s not my strong suit but I try....more

Google Plus Community

I had this idea the other day to start a community for NaBloPoMo bloggers on Google+. So I started it today.I feel like I miss so many posts from NaBloPoMo. Hopefully, this will help to organize the posts and make it easier to share.So if anyone is interested the community is athttps://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104065115782278968750....more

Less Busting Out in 2014


Peaceful Streets Project


M.A.D.D - Still Around

I'm Not Done Yet and You aren't Either.


Buy Local, Buy Etsy


Life in a Jar


Word a Week Photo Challenge: Lines

http://holley4734.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/word-a-week-photo-challenge-lines/     ...more