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New "Wednesday Afternoon F.E.S.T." on Blog Talk Radio's Diva Toolbox

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New Rules for Debt Settlement Companies

(First published on Technorati F.E.S.T. Feature) As of Monday, September 27th, new Federal Trade Commission rules went into effect that will prevent abusive practices by debt settlement companies. These settlement companies can no longer make promises to eliminate your debt. As of June 2009, the Association of Settlement Companies, which is a major settlement industry group, estimated its members managed 154,000 consumer clients with more than $4.9 billion in debt....more

6 Signs That You've Gotten M.A.D. (Money Anxiety Disorder)

  The American Psychological Association conducted a survey in late 2008 and found that 80% of the people who responded said that the financial crisis was causing them a significant amount of stress. Anxiety over money issues has produced a new ailment that is affecting a large part of the population, particularly women. Psychology professionals have named this affliction: Money Anxiety Disorder....more

Good Debt versus Bad Debt - Which One Wins?

HollisC Debt does have a few useful purposes: it allows us to establish a credit history (hopefully a good one) and enables us to acquire things before we have the all of money to pay for them. Conventional wisdom breaks down debt into two kinds: good debt and bad debt....more

Beware of Forensic Mortgage Loan Auditors!

HollisC  Today, TransUnion reported a first quarter drop in the mortgage delinquency rate from 6.89 to 6.79%. However that rate is still 4 to 5 percentage points higher than the historical average and home prices aren't really moving up....more

Credit Report News

HollisC Credit Report News: There are many websites and services, like FreeCreditReport.com, that heavily advertise a "free" credit report and score but in fact these free products are usually tied to a credit monitoring service trial, often for only seven days....more

Embrace the Spirit of Valentine's Day Without the Cost

  During the coming week, approximately 200 million red roses will be bought at holiday-inflated prices to represent a symbolic gift of love on Valentine's Day. Before you join the crowds and spend hundreds of dollars on flowers, chocolates and fancy dinners, read below to discover the real meaning behind the holiday. ...more

Food For Thought

At this time of year, holiday celebrations can make your food budget go right out the window. Under normal circumstances, food can be the third largest expense in your budget after shelter and car/transportation costs. Luckily it is an expense that can be somewhat controlled. The key is to make a 7-day meal plan at the beginning of the week and only go shopping once per week. Include any holiday dinner during that week in the main shopping trip and on the same list. Don’t take the kids and don’t go when you’re hungry!...more

Financial Hints for the Holidays

During the next month it will be hard to keep a budget with parties, gift buying, and home entertaining. But really try to set a spending amount in each of these categories. If you know your behavior and you're prone to impulse or last-minute buying, put the dollar amounts you've chosen for each of the three holiday spending categories, in cash, into three separate envelopes(label each envelope). When you go out or go shopping, take the amount you want to spend from the appropriate envelope....more