Why Back-To-School Shopping is Awesomely Awful

I love back to school time! Crisp (still unstained, hole-free) clothes are laid out on the bed. Fresh pencils are sharpened ....more

I'm Not a Perfect Parent

I'm going to say something very shocking right now. I'm not a perfect parent. It's true! ...more

26 Unfortunate Parenting Truths

Parenting has its share of happy moments, of funny things that toddlers say and sweet cuddles with a book at bedtime. I would say it's 90 percent completely awesome, give or take a handful of tantrums. But no one — and I mean no one — expects it to be perfect all the time ....more

Boogie Down for a chance to #win!

You guys know I don't do giveaways very often, so when I do, you know it's good. I'm not getting compensated for this post, I just figured you probably like $50 gift cards. Plus I seriously love Boogie Wipes thanks to the fact that they keep my kids from scream-complaining when I wipe their crusty noses, so I figured you'd probably like a chance to win those, too ....more

Things That Have Lasted Longer Than Kim and Kanye's Marriage: Parenting Edition

Congrats to "KimYe" (she said, as if she were totally hip to Internet lingo)! The couple just recently beat Kim Kardashian's previous marriage record of an impressive 72 days. However, as great as that is for Kim and Kanye, parents still aren't really all that impressed yet - we'll celebrate when their vows have outlasted some of these things ....more

Perimenopause: Your Body's Second-To-Last Betrayal

By the time I hit my late thirty-somethings, I thought my body was all out of surprises. We'd been through puberty, pregnancy and childbirth together, and it looked like the future of my reproductive system would be relatively uneventful. I was settling in for the long haul, ready to explore the fun of gray hair and having knees that sound like I'm pulling a sack of rocks down a gravel road every time I go up the stairs ....more

Breastfeeding Positions That Are Actually Realistic

When you add it all up, I've spent more than four years of my life in various stages of breastfeeding and weaning my children. It was a long road and, quite frankly, for a while there I was worried my youngest was never going to give up her bedtime feeding. But honestly, those stolen moments spent cuddling and nursing my little babies were some of the sweetest, happiest and most tender of all my years as a mother ....more

What Your Summer Bucket List Says About You

With just about a month of summer vacation remaining for many of us (and NO summer vacation remaining for those of you who already started school again this week - WHAT???), a lot of parents are reflecting on all the things they'd planned on doing while their kids were out of school. Whether you've already crossed everything off your list or you're just now getting ready to maybe start to consider telling the kids to turn off their devices so you can possibly organize some kind of activity or something, what you put on your summer bucket list says a lot about you. Go camping:...more

My Kids' Brand New Best Budsies

I don't mean to brag, guys, but I get a lot of offers to tell you about stuff - glittery craft supplies, books about auto parts, apps that track the severity of your dog's breath - but verrrrrry few of them meet the high awesomeness requirements for me to share with you. However, as I waded through a sea of discarded but COMPLETELY PRECIOUS artwork made by my children which I never get to look at or enjoy because OMG IT'S EVERYWHERE, a solution appeared in my email inbox. Budsies ....more

Writing 101 - the perfect cover letter

There's no way around it, economic times are tough. Or maybe the economy has improved and I just happen to live in a crappy neighborhood, I'm not sure. Either way, I do know that competition for really good jobs is stiff, even if you have a great resume, like this toddler does ....more