When I started this blog, one of the things I wanted do convey to the world is that I really, really, really can't stand certain stuff. Mission accomplished. I think you get the point ....more

It's a Good Thing Kids Aren't Embarrassing...

Remember back before you had kids, how you'd get uncomfortable when people talked about things like mucous plugs, or get embarrassed if someone barged into the bathroom while your pants were down? HAHAHAHA, that's adorable. Parents know there's little room for personal space or standards of decency - at least not once those kids come along ....more

Regrettable Parenting Choices

I consider myself a pretty good mom. On some days. On other days, I feel like I've made some.. ....more

The Best Workout For Moms

I know I should probably get about 4,372 percent more exercise than I do, but here's the problem - I'm tired. I mean, I'm also lazy, but let's not focus on that and pretend like the real reason I'm slacking off in the workout department is that I'm just plain exhausted. One day, however, as I sat on the couch contemplating this sad reality while eating a tube of Rolos, a question occurred to me: If it's true that I'm not getting any exercise, then WHY AM I THIS TIRED AND ACHY?!? ...more

New Year's Resolutions the Smart and Lazy Way!

I'm going to come right out and fully admit that I suck at keeping New Year's Resolutions. What I really excel at, though, is making New Year's Resolutions that I don't HAVE to keep, which is how I uncovered the secrets to making realistic resolutions. Or maybe I mean "realistic" resolutions ....more

5 Reasons Not To Have Holiday Traditions With Your Kids

Do you have family holiday traditions? You probably do, if you have a family and celebrate one or more of The Holidays. But you probably shouldn't bother, and here's why: What many of us call "traditions" are really just "annual bad habits that we refuse to let die." Nevertheless, perhaps in a misguided attempt to paint my family into an idealistic Norman Rockwell scene every Christmas, I've nurtured a few holiday traditions with my kids ....more

The Perfect Advent Calendar For Everyone In the Family

Do you use an Advent calendar this time of year? Did you handmake one yourself from some kind of incomprehensible Pinterest tutorial? Do you barely have any idea what I'm talking about? ...more

Birth Order: A Definitive Guide To Which Is Best

When I was growing up, my brother used to torment me by swinging one of my dolls around by the leg, even though (in my high-pitched, screechy little girl voice) I made it perfectly clear that she didn't like being dizzy - or thrown unceremoniously against the wall. When he got bored with that, he would hide my beloved Blankie, or force me to build my genius Lego creations using only his rejected blue one-block bricks, or pretend to tickle me from a quarter inch away (which he excused by pointing out that he...more

Pinterest-Ready Mom Fashion Layouts

I see gorgeous collections of stylish clothes on Pinterest all the time, and I love them - but I exist so far outside the realm of current fashion that I had to actually poll my friends to ask what these Pinteresty collections are called. We settled on "fashion layouts," but it turns out none of my fellow moms were entirely sure either. Maybe that's because no matter how much we admire them, few of us can afford $250 suede boots, even if they would look perfect with that asymmetrical cashmere wrap (which we'd have jelly smeared on within five minutes) ....more

Honest Advertising Slogans For Moms

'Tis the season to go shopping, fa la lalala lala lala! Well, that's not really what the season is for, but YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT based on the number of commercials, slogans and taglines bombarding us constantly, especially this time of year. The very least these stores could do is be honest, so we'd know what to really expect at all the places we'll stop, in person or online, during our holiday shopping travels ....more