Crazy Things Your Kid Believes Are True

Admit it - when we were kids, we believed some pretty insane stuff. "OH, a tiny fairy comes in my room at night and gives me cash in exchange for my teeth? Of course she does!" But you know what, parents? ...more

The Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Lady

Not too long ago, I found one of my pregnancy journals. Never heard of a pregnancy journal? It's a book in which expecting moms document the food cravings, nightly wacky dreams and monthly torturous weigh-ins of pregnancy ....more

Life Hacks For Parents

If you're reading this, I'll go ahead and assume you have kids, or you're at least considering getting some. That's great! I'm sure you've been having a fabulous time as a parent so far, but — believe it or not — things could potentially get even better ....more

How to Choose the Perfect Babysitter

For many people, dating becomes a thing of the past once they get married and have kids, and not just because all their money is tied up in mortgages and school fundraisers. Going out on the town simply becomes too complicated. Gone are the days of spontaneous road trips, late nights dancing until last call, and lazy Sunday mornings spent in bed reading the paper, followed by a matinee ....more

I'm Winning at Parent Homework

My son came home from his first day back at school with homework. I'll admit, I teased him a little. "Well, honey, you're getting older — they expect a lot in sixth grade! ...more

The Natural Cycle of Your Child's Interest In a Pet

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Kidioms 3 - EVEN MORE idioms rewritten for parents!

By now you're probably familiar with Kidioms (she said, wildly flattering herself to think you've ever read this blog before). On the very, very highly unlikely chance that you don't stalk me and therefore aren't familiar with everything I've ever written, Kidioms are translations of old-timey, down-home folksy sayings into updated version that modern parents can use - check out the original Kidioms post and Kidioms 2: The Sequel...more

Why Back-To-School Shopping is Awesomely Awful

I love back to school time! Crisp (still unstained, hole-free) clothes are laid out on the bed. Fresh pencils are sharpened ....more

I'm Not a Perfect Parent

I'm going to say something very shocking right now. I'm not a perfect parent. It's true! ...more

26 Unfortunate Parenting Truths

Parenting has its share of happy moments, of funny things that toddlers say and sweet cuddles with a book at bedtime. I would say it's 90 percent completely awesome, give or take a handful of tantrums. But no one — and I mean no one — expects it to be perfect all the time ....more