Unfortunate Occasions When Toddlers Will Always Pick Their Noses

Maybe you don't spend much time around small children. Or maybe your oldest child is still a baby and you haven't yet witnessed him doing something really disgusting that wasn't involuntary....more

Phrases That Have Different Meanings For Moms and Kids

Ever feel like you and your kids are speaking different languages?Sometimes that's because they don't exactly hear what you actually said, which is why I wrote some translations in The Parent To Kid Dictionary.But other times, phrases just mean completely different things to moms and kids. Here's a chart defining some of the common ones: ...more

It's Fake Crafty Time!

Hey, remember a while back when I totally screwed up making twine balls in a NickMom video called Robyn's Crafty Corner? And then remember how you never saw another episode because making videos is hard, and plus I kept forgetting to shower, which is generally considered to be a prerequisite for appearing in an Internet video? Well, the wait is over! ...more

My Aunt's Notebook

When I was little, Aunt Jane was the fun one. She played trivia while perched on the edge of her seat, eyes shining, waiting for her chance to buzz in with a guess. She had a competitive streak a mile wide and talked trash like nobody's business - but she'd help me figure out the trivia answers, too, because she was also a softie ....more

Some People Need To Shut Up About the Sex Talk

Let me start off by saying, really, I think sex talks are great, aside from the fact that I'm a second-grader at heart who still giggles about boobies. I'm actually one of those weirdos who LOVES terrifying her children with the scientific truth about the horrifying wonders of their growing, changing bodies - I mean, who loves discussing puberty stuff with her kids. However, you can't swing your eyeballs around the Internet these days without reading an article about vaginas and penises ....more

Volunteering at School - In 5 Pie Charts

I'm willing to bet that most of you out there with school-age children have spent at least a few hours volunteering at your kids' schools. I bet it was super-duper rewarding, too! I mean, unless you were actually awake ....more

QUIZ: Why is your baby crying?

I thought I'd do a little something different today! No, not shower - very funny, though. No, today I thought we'd take a helpful, informative, scientific quiz! ...more

Your Complete Guide To Parenting Screw-Ups: Sports Edition

Last week I went and completely lost my mind. See, I have a confession to make - none of my kids participate in team sports. I KNOW, I'm stifling their team-building skills and their innate childlike love of motion and their ability to obtain lucrative college athletic scholarships someday ....more

7 Rules For a Happy Marriage

I don't mean to brag, but I'm kind of a marriage expert. Of course by "expert," I just mean I have a lot of experience. And by "experience," I mean I've failed miserably at marriage, I've tried to learn from my mistakes and I've enjoyed the benefits of a happy second marriage (five years so far — FINGERS CROSSED)! ...more

Crazy Things Your Kid Believes Are True

Admit it - when we were kids, we believed some pretty insane stuff. "OH, a tiny fairy comes in my room at night and gives me cash in exchange for my teeth? Of course she does!" But you know what, parents? ...more