Headlines From Every Mom's Trip To a Restaurant

Did you hear that Hillary Clinton stopped to eat at a Chipotle in Ohio last week? Of course you did; you can't swing a burrito bowl around the Internet these days without seeing an article about it. What's the big deal, you ask? ...more

How Pinterest-Perfect Are YOUR Kids' Parties?

Whether you go all out or keep things pretty basic when birthdays roll around at home, it's impossible to ignore the trend—kids' parties are getting increasingly elaborate these days. As a mom whose idea of decorating a cake involves sprinkling powdered sugar in the shape of the birthday child's age, resulting in THIS cake-tastrophe...more

How To Have a Happy Marriage in 9 Easy Steps

Oh, come on now, you've done it too. You're surfing around the Web, minding your own business, and a link catches your eye. You quickly glance around to make sure no one's looking—you don't want to give anyone the wrong idea or anything—and when you're sure you have some privacy, you click ....more

The Biggest News Ever Plus Even Bigger News Than That

First of all, before I get a call from my mom about that post title: no, I'm not pregnant. This news is WAY bigger than that. Do you remember when I had an essay in that awesome book, I Just Want To Pee Alone? ...more

Parental Paybacks - April Fools' Pranks to Pull on Your Kids

If you've had children long enough for them to walk and talk, I'm willing to bet they've been around long enough to prank you. Oh, they might not have called it a prank - they might have even claimed it was an accident - but trust me, you've been pranked. Haven't they done some ridiculous things? ...more

Top 5 Health and Fitness Fads For 2015

I saw an article the other day - and I am being 100 percent serious here - that said maple syrup is the new athletic superfuel. I eat maple syrup all the time and I'm no athlete, although technically the article didn't specify what effect the giant pile of waffles underneath my syrup might have. Anyway, I thought kale, quinoa, acai berrries, and other foods with a Scrabble score over 126 were the "superfoods" we're supposed to blend into smoothies or rub onto our cuticles or whatever ....more

14 Signs of Kids' Winter Insanity

With the first snow each winter, you'll hear lots of people comment about how other adults have lost their minds. "Wow, looks like everybody forgot how to drive on the white stuff again this year!" "You're late to work because of a little snow?" "First dusting of the year—OF COURSE they canceled school!" But you know who else loses their minds each winter and keeps losing their minds, all winter long? Kids ....more

My Best Friend Was My Bully

Let's talk about bullying for just a minute, can we?When we think of bullies, most of us picture the classic tough guy stealing lunch money and giving wedgies. Sometimes we picture that girl we knew who smoked before class and harassed people in the locker room after gym.We rarely picture our best friends.I was surprised to learn recently just how common it is for people to be bullied by someone they consider a close friend; I thought I was the only one.I don't know if Jenny and Melissa* tried to make eye contact as they slid into the seat in front of me on the school bus that day; I was too afraid to look up.I sat nervously, trying not to fidget, trying to fold into myself until I disappeared. I wondered why they'd sit near me after so many months, but a few minutes later I got my answer in the form of a note dropped over the back of the seat into my lap.Scrawled in Jenny's familiar, bubbly script it said, "If we apologized right now, would you forgive us?"The three of us had grown up in the same neighborhood and were inseparable as far back as any of us could remember ....more

10 Things That Are More Interesting Than Jared Leto’s Shocking Viral Haircut

Is anyone else already sick of hearing about Jared Leto's long, flowing ombre locks, which he apparently cut off recently in preparation for playing the Joker in the upcoming movie, Suicide Squad?Who am I kidding, most women my age trailed off while reading that first sentence to reminisce about 1994 Jared Leto. OMG, the brooding. Just between you and me and the entire rest of the Internet, I was never a fan of the "man bun" anyway, nor the manny-tail/male ponytail ....more

I Promise I'm Not Crazy: How I Ruined Mom Dating

Since finding mom friends in real life is pretty difficult, Internet-lurkers such as myself really appreciate the emergence of those new mom-dating sites you've probably heard of. They help moms find other local moms and hook 'em up - sort of like eHarmony, but with more playdates and fewer booty calls.* *Disclaimer: I don't actually know if there are lots of booty calls on eHarmony. Probably not ....more