Old Windows & Aquarium Stand = Awesome Buffet

Last week I picked up an old aquarium stand at a thrift shop. It was made of wood so I grabbed it. In this picture above I had already given it the first coat of paint but the whole thing was that dark brown color you see inside ....more

Upcycle a Baby Crib

Do you have a baby crib hanging around from the days of "no sleep"? Well, we had two! For some reason I couldn't get rid of one of them - maybe I was holding onto it for sentimental reasons even though neither of our kids really used them much ....more

Concrete Top Dresser

At the shop where I rent space to sell my stuff, another vendor had brought in this cute piece of furniture that came with a tri-fold mirror. I wanted the mirror and the price for the set was great. The mirror went straight up to my bedroom but I wanted to change the top of this dresser ....more

Down to Earth Accents - retail space.

Today I remembered to take my camera to the shop where I sell my creations and re-purposed furniture so I could share some pictures of my new space with you. ...more

Up-cycle 80's Style Scalloped Wood

Do you go to yard sales, Goodwill stores or flea markets? If so, you probably see old fashioned shelving or boxes with scalloped edges or even heart cut outs on the trim. If they're solid wood, I snag them up and rip the "frill-y" parts off with my table saw ....more

Make a Wood Table Runner

You have seen wooden table runners, right? I love the rustic look of them and how narrow they can be. One of the best features is that the display on top of it can be removed all at once instead of one by one if you like to display more than one item in the middle of your table ....more

Down to Earth Style 2014 Favorites

Happy New Year!I am sure glad 2014 is over! Not to be negative or anything but some years are better than others. Right?I know 2015 is going to be more exciting and successful...I can feel it.Have you made any resolutions? ...more

Old Tray ~ New Chalkboard

Once in a while I like to stop by our Goodwill store. It's always so busy in there. Yesterday I found this old tray ....more

Make a Branch Star

One afternoon this winter I brought home some small branches from my walk with Mazi... This is my two year old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier) her name is Mazi (pronounced like Daisy with an "M"). This is a picture of the rustic star hanging in my office area "Where I Create" ....more

A Shutter Headboard

When my parents came to stay with us for Thanksgiving I needed to put a guest bedroom together pronto! Our guest bedroom is combined with the playroom in the attic. ...more