How I Woke Up and Started Couponing

I was like most people three years ago. I would see the coupon fliers in the newspaper and in the weekly ads bundle and toss the whole flier. Who has time to coupon? ...more

Setting Postpartum Fitness Goals

During my pregnancy I ate...more

How I Spent the Last Year

It’s no secret my blog took the back burner in 2015. I started the year with high hopes to post frequently and that frequency quickly dwindled and I dealt with some pretty massive changes in my life. Now my blog has sat stagnant again for several months ....more

GIVEAWAY: Gardening With Petitti’s!

I was recently approached by Petitti Garden Centers about partnering with the company and shopping at one of their local stores for some of my own home and garden projects. I immediately said “yes” to this opportunity as it completely fits in line with my blog content and I already shop at Petitti’s for...more

GIVEAWAY: Door to Door Organics Produce Delivery Service

I was recently approached about trying out a new organic produce service in Cleveland. Door to Door Organics began service locally in May and is continuing to grow their operations in Northeast Ohio. I opted to sign up for what they call the “Bitty Mixed Box” on a bi-weekly basis ....more

Striking the Balance

I could not bear to look at this blog and see a post from March at the top any longer! I’m still here, very much aware of my lack of posts and I’m trying to figure out what the root cause really is. I would like to use the “too busy” excuse, and I could come up quite easily with a list of reasons why my plate is really full right now and that list would be incredibly convincing ....more

Yard & Garden Prep: March 2015

It’s still a little chilly out there but my 2015 garden plans are already underway. I told myself this year I wouldn’t take on so much. I have a lot of home and DIY projects that need to be completed so I’m not planting as many plant varieties as in years past....more

Top 5 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is a constant in my life, but as I get older I realize I can’t avoid certain situations and there will always be “drama” in my life. But how I react is within my control....more

Ready to Get Back to Blogging

Time and time again, when...more