How to gracefully go from 6 figure salary to WIC in 90 days

"There are bless­ings in a storm." "There's always a sil­ver lining." "Things can't get worse." "At least you've got your health." ...more

see you on the front lines Holly. you are my hero today! and this too shall pass.


Kid tested, Mom Approved: Look Ma I can Drive

This morn­ing I was dri­ving my son to school with at least 101 thoughts going through my mind at the same time. I snapped out of it when my son with his sing-song voice said "MaaAaaa, you missed your exit, you're going to have to turn around!" Isa­iah, 4, has been a back seat dri­ver since he was two so it's only appro­pri­ate that now he has his own ride. On Sat­ur­day Isa­iah was the recip­i­ent of a brand new bike that look exactly like a motor­cy­cle and he in fact insists that I call it that. ...more

A son’s advice: Don’t eat the soap!

My four year old son thinks it is the height of lux­ury to be able to sit in the mid­dle of his grand­moth­ers huge bed and watch his favorite Tivo'd pro­gram. He's a good boy and for the most part keeps his hands to him­self and rarely both­ers any­thing that isn't his. ...more

A Child’s Adjustment to Yet Another Relocation

Since the day Isa­iah was born in 2005 he has moved six times and had five  addresses (we’ve lived twice at grand­mas). This is a result of mommy just try­ing to make a liv­ing and fol­low­ing the work. In August of 2005, my shinny new baby boy was wel­comed at grandma’s house where she nurtured and took care of him while I worked for a whole year. At the ...more

Product Review: 3-in-1 DAILY DEFENSE Protects Against Skin Damage

am amazed still at how many peo­ple, men and women a like, fall short when it comes to tak­ing care of their skin. Even peo­ple who are fanat­i­cal about diet and exer­cise aren’t excluded when it comes to neglect­ing their bod­ies largest organ, their skin. As an African Amer­i­can woman I am fur­ther humored by sis­ter friends who don’t believe that proper skin­care and sun pro­tec­tion is nec­es­sary for women of color. I’ve recently had the honor of receiv­ing a sam­ple of the new APA ...more

“Bejeweled Giveaway” contest

Have you ever wanted to start your own handmade jewelry store on Etsy or Silkfair, but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you already enjoy scrapbooking and knitting and thought beading might be worth a try, but weren’t sure about the investment. Now you can win a bracelet making kit plus $75 in product – a $100 value – by entering the “Bejeweled Giveaway” contest. Ten readers across the Momfluence network blogs will be chosen to win! ...more

Raggs Rockin’ Kids Search Seeks 100 Kids to Appear in TV Show

If you have a child between the ages of 4-8 who would like to be on TV show Raggs, check this out ...more

Mary Kay $100 giveaway!

If you love winning things and you love make up then this is the giveaway for you! Check out this video and then leave your comments per the drawing. It's that easy! *note: no cash prize, participation required. Good Luck! Holly S. ...more

A Mature Mom's Journey | My Mompreneur

Four doctors told me that I would never have children. “You’re thirty?” they would ask with a certain measure of pity in their voices, at least in my perception. “And you’re single?” would typically be the following question. “You should consider having children right away if you want to have kids at all.” Yes, I’m paraphrasing but that was pretty darned close to what these medical experts would say to me as if they didn’t just hear me say that I was single. No, not a newly wed, not engaged, not even dating, not even having casual sex! No, nothing, ...more

How I wish I could meet Debbie Allen

After turning off the TV following another episode of "So you think you can dance" I sit quietly and reflect about my younger days when I thought I could dance. I loved to take ballet, jazz, modern dance lessons. Tonight, one of the brothers who didn't make it said that he's been told so many times that he was to short, chubby, bald, etc. to be a dancer. With tears in my eyes I remember that, short the bald part, that's why I left dance. ...more