Gwyneth Paltrow Simultaneously Tops Lists of "Most Beautiful" and "Most Hated": What's Up?

[Editor's Note: This week Gwyneth Paltrow topped People Magazine's annual Most Beautiful list, but that's not the only list she took the top spot on. Star Magazine released it's own list this week: The 20 Most Hated Celebrities, and Gwynnie snatched first prize there as well. Laura from Hollywood Housewife asks what gives. I'm all ears. -- Morgan]...more
Gwyneth Paltrow isn't worth the energy it would take to hate her. She is a sanctimonious asshat ...more

Unadulterated Inspiration: Courage In Journalism Awards 2012

This week I attended the 2012 Courage in Journalism Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel, presented by the International Women’s Media Foundation.  Hosted by Aisha Tyler, with presenters Annette Benning, Olivia Munn, Chelsea Handler, and Maria Shriver, it was an evening to celebrate the women around the world who put their lives in danger in order for their stories to be told.  ...more
Everyone should read your post.  Truly incredible.more

Going To The VMAs: A Night In The Life of Hollywood Housewife

Every year when the MTV Video Music Awards roll around, I get excited to go. And every year, my husband groans and rolls his eyes. It's true, we're decades beyond the target demographic for the VMAs, and we never know all the performing or nominated musical acts.  But it's a fun evening, with great people watching, so we make it almost every year.  My husband produces multiple television shows for MTV, and we usually have decent seats....more

GCB: Who Are The Real Mean Girls?

When I mentioned on my blog and on twitter that I couldn’t wait for GCB to premiere on ABC, I was inundated with people asking, mostly accusing, “Don’t you know what it stands for?”Well, yes, I know what it stands for, and yes, I set my DVR....more
i watched the first two minutes and could not get past the BAD acting. it did seem very ...more

For Your Consideration: Why Hollywood Doesn't Go to the Movies

Every year in the middle of November, thin little packages start arriving on doorsteps all over Los Angeles. They trickle and flood in until the end of the year, little cases of entertainment. You can almost hear the collective excitement in the city when the film awards screeners go out from the movie studios.  ...more
I'm very partial to "Hugo" but I feel like "The Descendants" is already a front runner. I love ...more

Attending the MTV VMAs: Enough Concert to Last Me the Rest of the Year

When I got home last night from the MTV VMAs the two top headlines about the show were a) that Beyonce’s baby news “overshadowed” the night and b) that Maroon 5’s Adam Levine “called out” MTV for hosting an awards show where they “pretend to still care about music.”...more
We had good intentions of hitting this years event up but Saturday realized we were too tired ...more

My Hollywood Night at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards

4:05pm: The car was twenty minutes early, but I’m not ready. My dress and shoes are waiting on the bed, but my face is still makeup-free. My husband Jeff, due to walk the red carpet in under an hour, starts to think about something to wear. 4:53pm: We’re climbing into the shiny black Mercedes when I ask my husband to give me a final once-over. The sunlight reveals that my undergarments are showing, so it’s back inside for a few adjustments....more

Thanks for the AMAZING recap, Laura! I felt like I was there! As always, I love living ...more