Perfect Floor Find

I found this scratchy door mat on sale at Pier One and thought to myself, 'Self. I think that yellow is exactly the yellow of the kitchen floor. " ...more

Frosted Glass Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

Remember this view? How about this one? ...more

Insulation Wrap-Up (Still On Lock Down)

Welcome to our row house front porch. See how we keep everything locked down? ...more

The Big Blow: Part II

When last we left off, our intrepid, innocent, gung-ho home owners received two pallets (40 twenty-five pound bags) of cellulose insulation. The next step? Actually installing the stuff.  Look closely at their excited faces. BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO DIE. SWEAT TO DEATH. SWEAT AND CURSE TO DEATH. Be really sorry. Actually, Mr. Man is probably not sorry.  As he says, AND I QUOTE, "It's just labor". But I am sorry. I am very very sorry. ...more

The Big Blow: Part One

Mr. Man and I are using Cel-Pak - cellulose insulation made RIGHT HERE in western Massachusetts by National Fiber. I wouldn't use ANY OTHER cellulose. Wouldn't. And I'm not being compensated in ANY WAY to say that (I'm happy to show doubters the receipt from RK Miles showing what we paid for insulation & delivery.) SPEAKING of delivery ....more

Insulating Our Row House

Like a lot of kids, I grew up in an un-insulated old house with an attic crawl space. ...more

Happy Birthday America: On Lockdown

I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in an old farm house at the intersection of a busy street and a less busy street. The house sat in a good school district, but right on the edge, one block from a....."transitional" neighborhood (Easttown).  A lesson about home ownership looms large from where I grew up: If it's not locked down? Don't be surprised when it disappears. ...more

Front Porch Progress and A Request

Directions: Scrape scrape scrape (pause). Scrape scrape scrape scrape (pause as Hulkish shoulder muscles start to get that burn-y feeling.) - REPEAT MANY TIMES OVER TWO WEEKENDS ....more

A Bennington Owl & Two UFOs

So what did I actually bring home from Brimfield? ...more

Just Call me 'The Bill Cunningham of Brimfield'

With a tip 'o the fascinator to Bill Cunningham (photographer and author of the New York Time's iconic 'On The Street' weekly column), I'm straying from our usual topics (home improvement, home despair, etc). I know - I'm really milking this one Brimfield excursion for posts, but I just HAVE to share a few pictures. It was a rainy day and I kept spotting all these amazing looking women dressed in wonderfully chic rainy weather garb! ...more