Bonny Prince Charlie

I confess.  I watched the TV special with Charlie Sheen.  It was my guilty pleasure tabloid moment for the week.  And all I was left with was a sense of heartbreak and the knowledge that the person I had liked to watch on film was as much of an illusion as the story lines of his projects.  Perhaps most of all to himself. How do you begin to understand someone who says he has “Tiger’s blood and Adonis’ DNA and a brain not of our terrestrial plain”?  What sense can you make of someone who rants and riffs while chain smoking, defiantly NOT apologizing for his l...more

When Its Just an Is

It’s hard to accept things we can’t change.  And, contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think it gets easier as you get older.  OK, some things are easier to accept.  For example, looking older.  For anyone who has never been a raging beauty, you can just shrug and say “It’s an Is”, because frankly you can’t miss what you never had.  Sure, if you hit the lottery you might get rid of that double chin, but it’s not likely to happen and most of your friends look the same anyway.  Same with wrinkles.  I was in a store yesterday, and someone said they ar...more

Where Do Our Constitutional Rights End?

Where does our right to free speech end today?  Natalie Munroe, a teacher in Pennsylvania, posted a blog over a year ago.  She and her friends commented on each other's lives.  Shared frustrations and triumphs.  Built a place where they could be themselves, speak freely, and exercise what most of us would consider our right to free speech.  And, if this had been weekly conversations over the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies, we would never have known how Natalie felt about anything at all.  Which is exactly what most of us do, d...more

I don't see what the issue is here. Teachers like everyone else are entitled to their opinion. ...more

Every Mother’s Nightmare

An eerie face, floating on a blue screen.  Shaved, lumpy skull surrounding twisted features.  Eyes blazing with an unfathomable glee.  A determined, satisfied grin twisting harsh young features into a frightening clown mask of human misery.   The face of a 22 year old man from Tucson.  An unknown man, from an everyman street in an every man suburb.  And yet, this is every mother’s worst nightmare.  Jared Lee Loughner wasn’t born in this image.  Going back 22 years, he was undoubtedly a lovely infant, with chubby cheeks and toes.&n...more

Violence In Our Schools

  This morning, on our local news broadcast, they showed a clip from You Tube that shocked me silly.  Evidently, there is a girl gang called the “Tinkerbells” in this school in the Philadelphia area, and they regularly beat up other students, in the halls.   OK, I am not living under a rock.  I know schools are far more violent than they ever were in my day – or even when my girls were in school.  But this was beyond crazy.    I am not going to debate the reasons why our youth is more violent, or why this goes on.&nb...more

Ho, Ho, Ho ... No, really!

The HomeBadger It's been a long time, but I am back!  There is a lot to celebrate about 2010, and a lot to celebrate about ending 2010!  One of the best things about 2010 and going into 2011 is that my internet radio show is back on the air!  Today, I am looking for people to blog and send me their Most Humorous Holiday Disaster Story.  We all have them, and while they might not have been funny at the time, we all look back now and laugh at them.  Holidays are usually a mixed blessing: your family is all together for the day...more

Grumble of the Week - 10/12/09

My grumble of the week is: Trim your waistline online ads.  Don't you hate them?  Cut 3 inches off a week?  Puhleeze.  With what?  A cheese slicer?  What comes next?  The Home Liposuction kit?  Will they get the ShamWow guy to advertise it? Give me your opinions!  And suggestions for next week's Grumble are gratefully appreciated! Badger...more

The Next 50!

Today is the first episode of my Internet radio show, "The Next 50 Are For You" and I am tweaking with nervousness!  Thank goodness it isn't internet TV!...more

Expecting a Great Weekend?

The sun is even shining in New Jersey this morning!  Go figure!  Everyone seems to be looking ahead to the holiday weekend!  Barbeques, parades, fun times for everyone!  Given how much bad news has been out there, I think we all have permission to relax and enjoy for a change! ...more

Hello BlogHerItes - It's great to meet you!

Hi Everyone!  This site is awesome!  Janet from turned me onto it, and I'll never go back! :-)  Please take a moment to check my blog entries - I am homebadger1215 - and check my website, - I may be making exactly what you are looking for!  And please let me know what you think of my blogs and also if you have suggestions to make them better!  ...more