Vegan Food For Meat Lovers

Are you part of a “multivore” family? In an “inter-palate relationship?” Are you tired of making separate dinners because not everyone in your household is vegan? Many of us have families and loved ones who may be open to vegan food now and then, but have no intention of giving up animal products ....more

Gardein Beefless Hoisin Ginger

Gardein products are some of the most handy, delicious shortcut items I keep on hand for quick weeknight meals. Ever tried them? They’re pretty amazing ....more

Best Cookbooks for Easy Vegan Recipes

On a recent trip to Oregon, one of my goals (besides relaxing and getting away from the computer screen) was to prepare some simple vegan meals that my omnivore parents would love. And I wanted to be able to have these meals ready in under 30 minutes. My folks are open and curious eaters who […] The post Best Cookbooks for Easy Vegan Recipes appeared first on Homemade Levity ....more

Quick & Easy Vegan Cooking Methods

Vegan cooking on a busy schedule can be a challenge. So many times I used to...more

Tips On Going Vegan For Busy People

One of the most common concerns I hear from prospective vegans is that they don’t have time. The idea of figuring out what to eat, where to shop and what to cook seems daunting. They’re usually afraid that this vegan lifestyle they’re considering isn’t going to fit with their busy schedule ....more

5 Surprising Myths about Veganism

The longer I’m vegan, the more I realize that so many people have goofy perceptions about what vegans eat and what life on a vegan diet is like. Whether they think we subsist on cardboard or soylent green, or live with hunger and regret for the things we “can’t” eat, I wanted to take a […] The post 5 Surprising Myths about Veganism appeared first on Homemade Levity ....more

Non-Vegan Ingredients To Avoid

Don’t worry about the little stuff. That’s what I always tell people who are just starting out going vegan. Focus on the larger areas of your diet and the positive impact you’re making and don’t get too concerned with the minutiae until you’re ready ....more

Healthy Vegan Snacks On the Go

Believe it or not, I’m a little ‘Type A” about my snacks. Whether I’m commuting, or just running from one place to another throughout the day, I *always* carry a snack. Usually two ....more

Types of Vegan Diets: A Diverse Mix

If you put a group of vegans in a room, do you think they’ll agree on what to have for dinner? If your answer is ‘no,’ then you’re probably right. From a dietary perspective, what vegans have in common is eating foods that come from plants ....more

Vegan Cooking: 10 Pantry Essentials

Don’t you just love a nice punch of flavor without a lot of effort? There are times when I simply don’t have the bandwidth to put more than two or three ingredients together for a meal. And when that’s the case, I reach for powerfully-flavored pantry essentials that add zest, spice and richness to foods ....more