Anthropologie Terrarium Knockoff

Hey there! So right off the bat, I'm gonna tell you I cheated a little with this Anthropologie knockoff project because I already had the glass globe planted with a succulent. So for this project, all I had to buy was a small bag of Quickcrete ....more

Cereal Box Snack Trays

Hi there! Our family went to see Inside Out at the drive-in movie theater last weekend and it was so fun! Ok, there were a few hassles: it rained, so we all had to pile into our Subaru (cozy!) and we spilled snacks (more than once) ....more

Handkerchief-Covered Votives

Hi, I'm Val from Home Made Modern, and I blog about how to make your house a home that reflects who you are, in the midst of feeding times, carpool lines, clipping coupons and other "life" stuff. I'm really excited to be a part of this series, and am here today to show you how to customize votive candles to dress up your patriotic table with a vintage vibe. Handkerchief-Covered VotivesNap Rating = 1 nap Tools & Materials Glass votive candle holders with smooth sides Vintage handkerchiefs (I used ones in red, white and blue for this holiday project, but you could use any you like ....more

Open Shelving in Our Kitchen

Guys, you don't even know. These shelves have been in a state of half-done-ness for oh, I dunno...maybe a year?? I'm so excited to finally be able to take pictures of them for you ....more

Summer Fun for Kids with Injuries

Hi there! Hope you had a great weekend! So if you follow me on Facebook, then you might have seen that our youngest broke her arm about a week ago ....more

Cheap Curtains

Hey, good morning! Just jumping on quick today to let you know about a resource I put together for you on where to buy cheap curtains. You may be surprised at a couple of the sources! ...more

Updated Kitchen Cabinets

Guys. I'm so excited to announce...(drumroll, please)...we have kitchen cabinet hardware! In case you're just now visiting Home Made Modern, it's been 2 years, ya'll ....more

8 Outdoor Concrete Projects

Before I get to my Monday morning roundup of easy projects to make with concrete, I need to share the following. Here's the state of our house right now. Carpet cleaners just left so all of our side tables, lamps, etc ....more

Outdoor Wall Art

Hi there! I'm excited to show you my latest project because, quite frankly, I haven't crafted anything in awhile! I made a piece of weatherproof, outdoor wall art and it hardly cost a thing, guys ....more

Strawberry Cream Cake

How big is your sweet tooth? Mine? Pretty big, although I waffle between craving salty stuff and sweet stuff. But our oldest daughter doesn't have just one sweet tooth, she's got a whole mouth-full. For her birthday, which happens to be on the first day of spring, I made this delectable strawberry cream cake from scratch, and it was so delicious! It was such a perfect cake for spring, especially with strawberry season right around the corner. We'll be sure to gobble up the rest of this springtime dessert post-birthday celebration in no-time flat....more