Jerked Crab Legs

Jerked Crab Legs ...more

Asparagus, Shiitake & Shrimp

Seasoned Boiled Corn

Rasta Pasta

Have you even seen my first Rasta Pasta recipe?...more

Caribbean Rum Punch

What's the best drink for friends to sip on while catching up? Some Caribbean rum punch.Rum punch is a "go to" drink for most people in the Caribbean. It's quick, easy and includes rum. What else do you need? ...more

Banana Coconut Bread

I love bananas, and after finding two in my fruit bowl that were very soft I decided to mix up something very quick. Banana bread is one of the easiest things to make. I also had ends of a trail mix that contained dried cranberries and cashews, I had some flaked coconut in my fridge that also needed to be used. I decided to add them all in. So I made a banana coconut bread that my friends loved. ...more
Chi Chi Thanks Chi Chi. I also sometimes add fresh strawberries... that's good too!more

Amazingly refreshing Mango and Watermelon Pico de Gallo

I have so many posts scheduled before this one but I was so excited to post this snack that I made that I readjusted. I LOVE mangoes. I LOVE watermelon. When it so happened that I had them both in my kitchen at the same time one day I had no choice to put them together as a dish....more

Quick, easy and tasty One Pot Pasta

I have been wanting to try this for the longest time. I LOVE pasta of any form. LOVE. So after hearing and see a few pictures of people doing various one pot pastas I said I had to see what this was really about. I was concerned about things becoming soggy, or the pasta not cooking in the process, but it went very smoothly....more