summer study online to stay sharp

I'm cross posting a post per an article I just read on BlogHer.  Here is the a post repeated from my blog: ...more

A Manual of the Mechanics of Writing

I bought for $10 this weekend a book published in 1921 called A Manual of the Mechanics of Writing.  For some reason, I love the formal tone of old writing.  Let me quote form the Preface:...more

Tyranny of the Textbook

I've started a new book which, frankly, is not really about educating my kids. It's more about the US educational system and the role of curriculum.Tyranny of the Textbook.  Beverlle Jobrack.I jsut read the free sample on my Kindle and am deciding whether to buy the $28 hardback or the $22 dollar Kindle edition. Probably I'll get the harback so that I can loan it out and show it off.Stay tuned for my review:Joan, Like you, I'm...Parenting in an Electronic Age ...more

Books About Education

I thought I'd try to remember what books I've read that have had an impact on how I parent and how I educate my kids.  This will be from Memory so I'll probably mess up some names, won't even try for authors, and am surely going to forget some....more
How to Talk so Children Will Lesson -- yep! I remember when my mom sent that to me and I kind of ...more