Use Your Smoker This Summer: Recipe for Bourbon Ribs

We made these smoked ribs last year in our barrel smoker, and they turned out SO good. We were so busy trying out other new recipes in our new smoker haze that I never got around to writing about them. But when we made them last weekend, we knew it was love all over again. I'm not even a fan of Jim Beam, but this sauce is to die for. ...more
This looks absolutely delicious. I'd love to try this recipe with beef ribs to see how it comes ...more

How to make vanilla extract

One thing I use a lot of in this house is vanilla. Since I bake zucchini bread every week, that's already a tablespoon per most of the cookies and other goodies I bake also use vanilla. Throw in French toast from time to time and other breakfast goodies and that's even more vanilla. And strangely enough, here in Germany you can only get vanilla sugar. Which is ok...but just not quite the same....more

The Most Amazing Beef Burgers I've Ever Eaten

For many, many years (probably since we moved to Germany), we have been on a quest for a really good burger recipe. We've tried several that have been tasty, but they were never just right. Some of them were best suited for spreading on the bun and eating it open-faced; others just lacked flavor and excitement. ...more

Just in Time for Earth Day: Building Our First Aquaponics System

Last weekend I had another one of those wild ideas that suddenly just manifests in your brain when you look at something. A little light goes off and you wonder why that thought never crossed your mind before. We get a lot of those around here. Pure moments of genius. Well, in our world anyway.  And we always share them with one another in an almost apprehensive way; knowing what we're about to say could sound totally insane when it's out of our mouths. It's always prefaced with one of us stating, "So I had this crazy idea..." ...more

Nice one! For days like this, we really need to be creative and resourceful as well. ...more

All things turkey

There is little doubt that one of the most important parts of a Thanksgiving dinner is the least in most households. And I always have to think of Christmas Vacation and the delicious turkey they have there when it comes to carving it up. ...more