Making a Summer Garden

A few months ago, Piano Man’s school received an open spot at the local community garden across the school grounds. His teacher became the community garden expert/coordinator, and his class was fortunate enough to learn about gardening. Now I am not gardener ....more

TUTORIAL: Star Wars Kylo Ren T-Shirt Stencil

If you have seen my other Star Wars T-Shirt Stencils, you are going to enjoy making this: Star Wars Kylo Ren T-Shirt Stencil It’s so easy, I don’t think I make a materials and set of instructions for you. Just download and print a copy of the Kylo Ren stencil (available for download after subscribing to Hometown Betty). Cut out stencil to leave a silhouette ....more

TUTORIAL: Make a Star Wars Captain Rex T-Shirt

A reader recently asked where was the template and instructions for the Captain rex t-shirt. In my haste to get the other Star Wars t-shirt tutorials, I forgot about this one. I think it’s partly because the Captain Rex t-shirt was originally a generic clone trooper t-shirt ....more

Moving Travel Posts to Traveling Seouls

Dear Readers, I wanted to give you a heads up about some upcoming changes to Hometown Betty. I have recently made the move to migrate my travel posts from The Seoul of Cyprus and Hometown Betty to one location – Traveling Seouls. It’s been a decision that has been in the works for months ....more

How to Re-cushion That Old Pottery Barn Kids Chair

We have this beautiful Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair in Grass Green. It’s circa 2008. It was a lovely Dohl gift from one Piano Man’s uncles in Ann Arbor ....more

Why I Decided to Open a Shop on Hometown Betty

As a relatively young blogger, I have slowly been learning the ropes about blogging: What it takes to build a social network Writing content worthy posts How to monetize a blog Let me tell you. Monetizing was the last thing on my mind. I was focusing on 1 and 2, until I worked on my...more

Cool Summer Reading Programs

The weather is gorgeous outside, no? The sun rays and breeze makes me want to chill in a hammock with a good book. How about you? ...more

LEGO Star Wars Paper Minifigures Craft Project

It’s raining. It’s pouring, and you have no idea how to entertain 20 kids at a LEGO Star Wars birthday party. Yes, that was our dilemma when Linus was going to have his birthday ....more

TUTORIAL: Kylo Ren, Captain Rex, and Darth Vader Chestplate T-Shirt Stencils

Remember when I made these Star Wars Stenciled T-Shirts? Well, I am back at it again. Linus asked me to remake another Star Wars t-shirt for him ....more