What it means to be a child bride

Have you ever stopped to think about what a child bride goes through? I mean really think about it?...more

Powerful, Shocking, Horrifying. But thank you for the information.

I haven't read it yet but ...more

Saudi "johns" leave 900 children behind in Egypt

I’m on the record more than a few times when it comes to the Saudi practice of so-called misyar marriage. Plain and simple, I believe it is religiously sanctioned prostitution. ...more

Samar Badawi is in prison

Two years ago, Samar Badawi, then 30, signed a petition to allow women to drive here in Saudi. Six months ago that petition was used in court by her father to prove Samar, a divorced mother of one son, was “deviant”, and disobedient, and to justify charges against her of ”filial ingratitude. ...more

The shame of an honor killing in the making

If you listen carefully these days, you can hear an honor killing being plotted in Saudi Arabia. This honor killing isn’t being planned by a father, a brother or a member of the extended family, but by the people of Saudi Arabia. By Saudi Arabia herself. ...more

Segregation, apartheid and some pretty loud bells in Saudi Arabia

I’ve been thinking about segregation a lot lately – some might say too much since I am, as readers know, an outsider here, a guest in Saudi Arabia, an observer with both the privilege and distance available to look at the Kingdom’s systems of segregation esoterically more often than personally. But, none-the-less, segregation – gender and other – has been on my mind. ...more

The Game of Life - Saudi-style

I woke up this morning with an epiphany! I’m going to create a game! ...more

Hollaback Saudi Arabia?

There are, I’m sure, a lot of western ideas and innovations – solutions to every-day problems – which just aren’t practical here in Saudi. Things like dependable public transportation, for example, and fitting rooms. But every now and then, I come across something that should have been created in Saudi – the fit is just that good! ...more

It Is Time...to put an end to child brides in Saudi Arabia

Adar had been too excited to sleep the night before, and now it was catching up with her. ...more

SGIME 1st Annual 10 Things I Want You To Know About My Life Event

Is it ever possible to know what someone else experiences? As a writer, I like to think that words have the possibility – the potential at least – to allow people to step outside of themselves and step into – for lack of a better cliché’ – someone else's shoes. ...more

Sand Gets in my Eyes is more than my blog name

I am so happy I found this place! Can I stay? I'm an American expat writer living and working in Saudi Arabia. And before you ask, yes it is safe, yes I love it here, yes, sometimes I wear an abaya and no, I do not see it as oppression at its most vile but rather a cultural choice. ...more

Hi there, Lor!

I've bookmarked your blog! I enjoy reading about life in foreign countries and ...more