Where have you been?

Where have you all been? Really, I've been sitting here waiting for someone to show up. ...more

How to take a bubble bath

David took me to a nice get away for a night in order to "destress" me. ...more

Fleas, AGAIN, Taking over the world

Not really. ...more

It’s Sad But It’s True

A blog, I suppose, is for sharing your life, sharing your knowledge, offering something to your readers, a way for you to keep in touch with those family and friends spread far and near or simply a cathartic release of all those emotions breaking your crystal won't help. Letter writing is passe. ...more

Bed, No Breakfast but a bird

Dear Lynnie Lyndon, Emma and I had a nice evening, Saturday night, together at a bed and breakfast. Not really. ...more

Game of Thrones, Loss of Time

Dear Lynnie Lyndon, Thanks for recommending that I actually watch Game of Thrones.  I tried to give you every excuse in the world but you counter-attacked.  I even claimed dwarf racism ....more

Insanely affectionate or insanely single-minded

I used to be insanely affectionate about my blog. My daughters were growing.  I was finishing homeschooling, something I had been doing for the last 14 years ....more

Why did I have kids?

I've finally figured out why I had children. Oh, I realize all the poetic and romantic notions out there.  I've certainly said them to my children and heard them enough ....more

Butter, Butter Part II

That's it.  I've had it.  I'm going to sound like your mother, or your personal trainer, or your doctor ....more

In Support??? of Paula Deen’s cooking, PW too

This was an old post I wrote about two years ago but considering the brouhaha that is happening around Paula Deen, I thought it was relevant and frankly I'm glad people are starting to discuss the overuse of butter in recipes.  Have you watched the Food Network lately? Oklahoma seems to be the butter capital of the world now. I hope you enjoy my thoughts.  I'm going to make myself a butter and ham sandwich.  That should fulfil my butter ...more