What's Your Defining Moment?

What do all these experts have in common? We all begin at that defining moment when we realize a passion and start to pursue it. Today, we're starting a conversation about our defining moments. They can be huge (as you'll hear in some incredible, life-changing stories coming up on BlogHer and SheKnows) or very small: a quiet voice in your head saying, Oh. I get it now. ...more
I just wrote about this! My defining moment as a ...more

Got a Favorite Beauty Product? Nominate It for the StyleCaster Beauty Awards and You Could Win!

I'll admit it: I love my product. Possibly to excess. I have special privileges at Sephora. I just spent a perfect Mother's Day at Ulta, trying stuff out with my mom. Is it any coincidence that my lifelong bestie owns the coolest spa in L.A. and my sister is an awesome esthetician? (Okay, I don't think I had any control over their decisions, but we three can talk beauty stuff for days.) ...more

Kids on a Mission Take the Stage at #BlogHer15

Today, we announce the keynote that will kick off the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us conference on Friday morning. We're bringing three amazing women to the stage: Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chávez, journalist and Starfish Foundation founder Soledad O'Brien, and one of the masterminds behind our Hatch initiative, SheKnows Media's Chief Revenue Officer Samantha Skey. ...more
I have a question about Hach Labs. Do they need to come with a computer? Will they be at the ...more

Why It's So Important to "Make Noise" About the Gender Wage Gap

"Make noise. Make people aware of the situation, and don't let up." ~ Theresa Sutton It's hard to talk about the gender wage gap. We might fear getting fired for bringing it up, whether to our managers or on social media. We might not even consider asking for more money, or we might not know how to start. ...more
I agree. This should not even be up for discussion anymore!! Any candidate who is not for ...more

VIDEO: Watch the #ObamaTownHall Meeting with Lisa Stone and President Obama Now

A couple of days ago, BlogHer co-founder and SheKnows Chief Community Officer Lisa Stone broke the news: The President wanted to hear from women about their experiences with money, jobs, and the struggle to get ahead. And the White House wanted Lisa to moderate that conversation, in a Town Hall Meeting in Charlotte, NC. ...more
Lisa Stone, BlogHer and SheKnows should be proud of themselves in confronting the President with ...more

Introducing the Femvertising Awards at #BlogHer15!

Today, we're thrilled to tell you about a new addition to the Voices of the Year community keynote at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us this July: the #Femvertising Awards. ...more
That's interesting.more

7 Quick Passover Recipes

Stuck for a last-minute idea for Passover seder, or looking for new Passover-friendly ideas to get meals on the table quickly this week? As usual, food bloggers to the rescue! These seven ideas are all Passover-friendly (of course) and super-quick—and they're all amazing-looking, too. 1. Haroset Bites ...more
DoTryThisAtHome - let me know if the links are still not working for you! The post got spazzed ...more

18 Extremely Helpful Resources for Blogger-Journalists

The resources below help me enormously when I work on news stories—whether working on a post about something in the news or doing original reporting. Bookmark and follow them, and you'll quickly become more informed, find story ideas, and add tools to your reporter's toolbox. ...more
Karen Ballum theprincipledtype thank you for the clarification. i'm missing not being able to ...more

Twitter and Breaking News: Basics of Reporting and Ethical Retweeting

If you're like me, you find out about breaking news on Twitter. I use it to search local events, like whether the #Mission Fire had been contained. I found livestreams of the first night of the #Ferguson protests last year, and woke up yesterday to read the news of the #FergusonShooting. ...more

18 Genius Instagrams for International Women's Day

I LOVE US. Did you share an image to #internationalwomensday, #beijing20, or #womenslives on March 8? Leave a link in the comments! ...more
Powerful stuff!  Thank you for posting it.more