Store-Bought Pie Dough Showdown: Do Any Compare to Homemade?

Are you a homemade crust user or a store-bought crust user? I put some store-bought crusts through their paces, and updated the prices for 2014. ...more
JoAnneApple Thank YOU! I love a vodka crust.more

How to Beat Writer's Block and Make Your Writing More Creative

The only way to become more creative is to force yourself to do it. It's like starting a fitness routine: You'll loathe it at first, but eventually, flexing your creative muscle will feel good. You'll also be able to use it more easily in your regular writing; your voice will become more distinctive, and your choice of topics broader. ...more
great comments, thanks I switched jobs recently and I am struggling with the transition. These ...more

6 Craft Blogs to Follow for Fabulous Thanksgiving Ideas

Whether you're looking for kids' crafts, tablescapes, or Thanksgiving decor, these blogs are a treasure trove of DIY holiday help. ...more

BlogHer PRO School: The Most Powerful Writing Class You'll Take

BlogHer is doing anything but winding down as approach the end of the year. Two of our biggest initiatives take place in the next few weeks: NaBloPoMo and the third annual BlogHer PRO Conference. This year, we're tying these two fall classics together by launching the BlogHer PRO School—a powerful writing class to help you make the most of NaBloPoMo and extend the BlogHer PRO experience beyond the conference walls. ...more
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#TurnipforWhat? A Guide to Turnips

Michelle Obama gave one of the lowliest of veggies a place in the sun yesterday with an adorable Vine of herself holding a turnip and dancing to a healthy version of DJ Snake and rapper Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What." ...more
Food is most important of our health. So thank you very much for your article.more

8 Blogs With Awesome Halloween Crafts

This month, these DIY and craft blogs are going creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky … altogether ooky, in fact. Follow them for inspiration for everything from costumes to parties to a thousand ideas for Halloween pumpkins. ...more
Love Made's blog. It's such a great site for sewing and crafting good fun. =)more

5 Sexy Recipes From the New 'Lusty Vegan' Cookbook

You're vegan. Your love interest … is not. Can this relationship be saved? ...more
Like the crab cakes.more

7 Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs to Inspire You

It's Vegetarian Awareness Month, and there's no better way to become aware of incredible cooking techniques, explore new ingredients, and learn about vegetarian and vegan philosophies than by finding a few new blogs to follow … and fall in love with. ...more

31 Vegetarian Dinner Ideas for World Vegetarian Month

World Vegetarian Month is a fabulous time to kick your cooking skills into high gear and experiment with new techniques and traditions. I've strolled through the BlogHer Publishing Network and and found one meatless dinner idea for every day of the month—they're all perfect fall flavors, and the hard part was choosing just 31! The diversity and creativity of our food bloggers floors me every time. Today is World Vegetarian Day, so let's get started right now! ...more
What a wonderful resource for us vegetarians! Many thanks Julie. I will be trying many of these.more

32 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Any Moment in the Day

It's officially fall, and that means one thing: Pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cheesecake, and on and on. Fortunately, pumpkin itself and its trademark spices are healthy, so you can have the warming, spicy, pumpkiny goodness you want in an easy-to-make, good-for-you version … any time of day, morning, noon, or night. WAKE UP TO PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE ...more