32 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes for Any Moment in the Day

It's officially fall, and that means one thing: Pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin cheesecake, and on and on. Fortunately, pumpkin itself and its trademark spices are healthy, so you can have the warming, spicy, pumpkiny goodness you want in an easy-to-make, good-for-you version … any time of day, morning, noon, or night. WAKE UP TO PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE ...more

6 Blogs With Pie Recipes That Will Inspire You to Bake

Whether you're looking for new ideas for the last of the summer fruit or looking forward to fall flavors like pumpkin and apple, follow these blogs for creative new ideas, no-fail techniques, and well-tested recipes for the pies of your dreams. ...more
I do love pie. A lot.more

6 Blogs to Follow for Fall Fashion Trends

No matter if the weather is in the triple digits this Labor Day; the three-day weekend's end means that fall fashion is officially here. Read on for blogs that preview the trends, and show you how to wear them with your own personal style. ...more

Emmy Fashion 2014: Best Red Carpet Dresses

TV stars walked the Emmy Awards red carpet in rainbow of dresses, but red and coral were the hot colors for 2014. ...more
Angela Basset and Claire Danes--classy amidst the cleavage, etc.more

Stories and Photos That Show What Racism in the U.S. Looks (and Feels) Like

Sixteen days after he was shot to death in Ferguson, Missouri, thousands of mourners packed the church for Michael Brown's funeral, while thousands more watched online. ...more
Julie Ross Godar sgamer0425 Shellireads  I believe that what is missing in a lot of these ...more

6 Fabulous Canning, Preserving, and Pickling Blogs to Follow

Alas, there are only so many tomato salads to arrange, loaves of zucchini bread to bake, and peaches to eat out of hand. If you've got summer produce you don't know what to do with—or if you just want to try some new food techniques and have a taste of summer later in the year—follow these blogs for expert advice on canning, pickling, and preserving. ...more

Follow These BlogHers Who Are Writing About Ferguson

Since Aug. 9, we've watched Ferguson, Missouri, go from little-known suburb of St. Louis to the scene of a police shooting of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown to the scene of daily protests and a flashpoint for a national discussion of racist systems in police and government, and how to respond to civil unrest. Follow these BlogHers for important commentary and analysis of the events in Ferguson. ...more
carolroodd  I completely disagree with everything you've said. After witnessing the by-standers ...more

Police Use Tear Gas on Ferguson Protesters, Arrest Reporters and Officials, As Nation Watches on Twitter

Tonight, I watched a live stream from a KARG Argus Radio reporter in Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was shot to death earlier this week. The footage showed heavily armed police calling for the media to turn off their cameras. Then the police advanced on a crowd of protesters using a sonic weapon the reporter described as "earsplitting," threw tear gas, and, according to the reporter's narrative, fired rubber bullets into the crowd—and into neighboring homes. Here's the video. ...more
As the wife of a police officer, one who has never shot anyone or had a complaint against him ...more

RIP, Robin Williams: A Comic Genius Lost to Suicide

When I learned that Robin Williams died at his home in Northern California today, I couldn't believe it, so I went online looking for sources to confirm. I found the release by the Marin Sheriff Department, with the heartbreaking phrase that "at this time, the Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia."...more
thanks for sharing this post...I still enjoy seeing Robin and appreciate the photos and clips ...more

Back to School: 7 Teacher Blogs to Follow and Learn From

Back to School time is here … already. While you're getting prepared, take a minute to celebrate the K-12 teachers and educators by following these blogs. ...more
I blog about teaching on my site: www.rudeysroom.com. I teach elementary (K-8) French in ...more