Alright lovelies today i’m sharing a product that I have recently rotated into my skin regimen and couldn’t wait to share with you! I have definitely been on overdrive lately but one thing I always try my best to do is to take care of my skin. No matter how tired or run down I am, skin care has always been at the top of my priority list. I’ve tried so many different products but I ALWAYS love finding amazing beauty products at a drug store price point and this moisturizer is just that! ...more


It’s no secret that I am a sunnies addict. Living in sunny Southern California they’re just an absolute necessity that I wear every single day. Today’s post is with a brand that I am super excited to share with you girls, Maui Jim sunglasses....more

Skin Care Staples by Cetaphil

Today I'm teaming up with Cetaphil® and sharing some new products from their line that I hadn't tried yet. I started using the Cetaphil® Daily Cleanser when I found out I was pregnant with Ava as my dermatologist recommended it to me. I use their products because I have super sensitive skin. I've made multiple trips to the urgent care in the past for reactions to new creams. I'm always a little cautious when trying out facial/skin products but thankfully I never worry when it's a Cetaphil® product because I know they are made for even the most sensitive skin. ...more

Weekday Style // Rocker Tee's + Statement Flats

Today i'm talking one of my go to weekday styles, rocker tee's and statement flats. I am all about practicality when i'm running around with my babes during the weekdays but that doesn't mean you can't still be stylish too. I think it's funny how once you have kids everyone kind of expects you to immediately put on your mom jeans and throw your pre-kid style out the window ....more

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Skincare Line

Alright ladies, I'm teaming up again with one of my favorite beauty brands Aveeno and talking about their Absolutely Ageless line. Now that i've hit the 30 mark I am definitely all for anything to help this mama prolong aging! I posted on Aveeno products before and I LOVE that they are such great quality at a drug store price point! ...more

Honeybee Health // What I Order On Vacation

A lot of you had asked about how I don't gain weight when i'm on vacation so I wanted to dedicate this weeks Honeybee Health post to sharing what I order when we travel. If you girls have been following along over the years I am sure you have heard me say this before but CONSISTENCY is key! When I see people trying these fad diets or juice cleanses I just know they aren't going to have long term results ....more

Off The Shoulder Top + Wide Leg Denim

Good morning babes! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Just a quick post this morning with a little weekend style I wore recently with My Favorite Pair of Summer Denim and the cutest (affordable) off the shoulder top ....more

Nordstrom Anniversary SALE

Alright babes, let the shopping begin! If you haven't hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet it is now open to everyone!! Here is my final round up for you girls and there are some CRAZY amazing deals going down right now!...more

My Most Worn Lipsticks/Lipliners

Helllllo lovelies! Today I am tackling probably one of my most asked question on Instagram "what are you wearing on your lips"? I definitely have a go to color I wear NON STOP so today I am sharing that combo and some new lippies I recently tried and LOVE! ...more

Life's Beautiful Moments with Garnier

Today I'm teaming up with Garnier and talking about lifes beautiful moments. I think it goes without saying the my lifes most beautiful moments are those random little ones throughout the day with my kids. Life isn't always perfect and the kids can definitely be a little crazy at times;) but it's all about those little moments in between that make life so beautiful ....more