Catastrophizing My Future World

Do you ever ponder about future events and get yourself all worked up over the things that could go wrong… perhaps even catastrophize all of those possible imaginary scenarios? You too?! Ah man, I am so glad I am not the only one. I mean, I am so sorry you have to deal with an over active imagination that runs wild, but I do find comfort in knowing I am not the only catastrophist in the world. Welcome… ...more

Be Your Own Parent

My son's 12th birthday just passed. As one of his birthday presents, I wrote him a book of letters. Here is one...  Dear Beloved Child,...more

My Friend... My Teacher... Greg

 After a 6 hour drive, we arrived at our vacation rental house in Mission Beach. It was exactly what the pictures depicted. Just steps to the beach and walking or biking distance to anywhere we wanted to go. Right away, we went for a quick visit to the ocean to say hello and announce our arrival; as if the ocean had been expecting us.  ...more

In the Margins of Life

 Margins… those little areas on a piece of paper that keep all of our writing in the center… they are blank spaces… they allow room to make notes… they frame and boarder our stories. Without margins I don’t think I’d know where to stop my writing… or where to begin. I would probably just go right up to the edges of the paper… filling up all the space. ...more

Stillness Bank Account

 I am a hoarder of peace… I squander it… I try to save it up. When I know a busy week is ahead of me, I attempt to get a peaceful weekend. I thought that was what God meant when he advised me to “be still”. So, I was trying… really trying… to steal moments of stillness. As if stillness and peace were a bank account, I’d make deposits and then I would try to withdrawal from that bank as my busy week progressed....more

In Between the Pages of a Magazine

 I am beginning a new lesson in my Junior High Art Classes. It is a word self-portrait; involving the students cutting out words from magazines that describe them.To my delight, I found a stack of magazines in the staff lunch room at school. I scooped them up, took them back to my classroom, and perused the pages to make certain there wasn’t anything inappropriate....more

New Moment in Time

New Moment in TimeI hear of people making these things called “New Year’s Resolutions”. They are the things they want to do differently with another new year of life. They want to quit something, or start something, or finish something, or heal something, or be something. So, they wait for a new year to do their “something”… the fresh smell of the new year is the motivation they need to make a change....more

Broken Anxiety Meter

I’ve thought throughout the years that I suffered from anxiety. What I’ve realized recently is that I don’t suffer at all… my anxiety meter is just broken. Anxiety is actually a good thing. We feel anxious when something isn’t right in our lives. We experience anxious feelings when something needs to be different. We have anxiety when our balance is off kilter. We are anxious when we need change… anxiety is our change indicator....more

Homework Woes…and the reason I drink

 My son hates homework and I am taking responsibility for most of that hatred…because it is shared! The one aspect of parenting that brings me the most anxiety is homework.Since my son was in kindergarten, he has had homework. His attention span has never been his strength. There are a million other things trying to grab his attention…like the eraser shavings that surround him. He gets distracted and discouraged. This results in arguments and consequences… and drinking wine on my part (and by wine I mean vodka…vodka just doesn’t seem very Christian of me to say)....more

Blurred Vision

At a young age I had to start wearing glasses. It was unfortunate for many reasons… mostly because it was the early 80’s and there were some funky eyeglass styles back then. I have the pictures to prove it… again, very unfortunate.I was so blind without my glasses. I literally could only see clearly the first 6 inches in front of my face. The rest of the world was blurry. I can remember losing, misplacing really, my glasses and having to blindly search for them. Once I found them, it was such a relief because I could actually see again… my world came into focus....more