must haves for the new mom.

now that i’m almost to the other side of the first six weeks of motherhood, i feel like i can look back with clear eyes (albeit tired eyes), and really see what were the things that helped me get through the most. some of my recommendations are ...more

i should be napping.

i just got the baby down for her first substantial nap of the day. is it stupid of me to be writing this right now instead of sleeping? probably ....more

amelia’s must-have products for a newborn.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned about my daughter, it’s that she has her preferences. in her one month update, i said that she loves james taylor, but hates the beatles….that’s a real thing people. sometimes when miss amelia is fussy, we like to play and sing her songs from my labor playlist (she doesn’t like baby music, she’s mature GUYS) ....more

amelia: one month old.

so i’ve...more

things we never thought we’d say.

when you become a parent for the first time, you know things are going to change. you know there are sleepless nights ahead, and that your main focus is no longer on yourself. you even expect to become somewhat of a hermit as opposed to your normal, social self ....more

what to expect after baby.

we’ve all heard of...more

our birth story.

this post contains words like “dilated”, “effaced”, “crowning”, and “placenta”, among others. if those words make you...more

amelia joyce.

Mister Man...more

these days with baby z.

before you ask, there is no baby yet! but we made it to 40 weeks. it’s a strange feeling i...more

mister man turns thirty.

what else can i say about this man on his thirtieth birthday...more