I Challenge you to a Sex-a-Thon

I heard once that when a couple has sex for a week straight, they actually end up happier. It could have been Dr. Phil, and though I do not put too much merit into his words, I also believed that sex (when appropriate and consensual of course) makes people happy. The hubs and I had a dry spell. At this point, we started arguing more. We watched more TV than talked and fell asleep on the opposite side of the bed. ...more
@TrustIntimacy That sounds fun! We love a challengemore

My child that never was.

Well, I did. I finally paid off the last of the medical bills from my miscarriage. It wasn't a large bill. In fact, it was something I could have paid off back in March, yet here I am, holding on to a bill that suggested that I once carried a child....more

Abuse can happen to anyone

This will be a little different from my other few posts. I co-worker and I were talking and she mentioned her daughter was working at a restaurant and saw a man beating his wife. It was so bad that the daughter saw blood and she got angry. She ran over there and told him if he didn't stop she will slam his head into the wall. I loved it. And I was proud of this girl who is several years younger than me. ...more

Lets Talk a Little About Porn

Some people will disagree with me here and I will completely understand. This topic, like all my others, are merely opinions and I will never attempt to force my beliefs on you. That is my advisory. ...more

Dild - huh?

Sometimes it is hard for women to come out about their masturbation habits. It does seem to be ... naughty ... but honestly, it is quite an amazing thing. Not only does it feel great but you are also burning some of those stubborn calories. Now, there is debate on how many calories you burn. Some say as low as 3.5 while others say 100. It all depends how into it you get and how hard you orgasm....more

I'm a very openly sexual person, My hubby knows what I do when he's not around, he even bought ...more

The First

As a teenager, I was very religious and believed that sex, in a way, was something evil unless it was with your husband. Though I lusted for it, I always tried to stay away from that evil thing that I didn't know. Honestly, I didn't even see a penis in real life until I was 20.  ...more