birthday mommy breathe deep

I woke up this morning thinking about cake. This is the first year that my son Nata has been in "school"....more

defining religion

Living in West Africa means that I'm a little out of the loop as far as media is concerned. We watch movies, but not local TV.  I did, however, notice something on facebook yesterday....more

What I Want You to Know: The Fistula Epidemic

This post is written in response to some that I’ve read at my new favorite blog, Rage Against the Minivan.The idea here is that when we share our personal stories, we bring greater compassion and awareness to the unique issues that we individually face. Reading these posts made me think long and hard about my story. What one thing would I want to tell other women? What is it in my life that needs to be told?I want you to know about an epidemic called fistula. Not because it’s something that I am facing myself; I only became aware of it this year. But once you know, if you are like me, you will carry this story of heart break and tell it with passion....more

following the LEADER

We live in West Africa with three boys under the age of 5 who officially belong to us, two teenage [American] girls who wanted to live with us, and one 12 year old [Nigerien] boy who is just passing through on his way to an American adoption. We love to travel, feed the hungry, learn new languages, do art with local kids, teach music to small children, had a pet monkey, find time to quilt, make dinner from scratch, foster local kids, raise chickens (or feed the neighborhood cats), and love the wide world all around us....more