Demystifying Mental Health & Suicide

Because of the horrific tragedy in Newton, CT, a lot of people are questioning Adam Lanza's home life, his health, and his parent's responsibility of dealing with him. Some of you may have even read the popular article, "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother," by Annarchist Soccer Mom. I was shocked by that title when I first saw it. I thought it brash and opportunitstic, but then I read it. Wow. There's so much that this mom goes through. How terrifying and gut wrenching to be in her shoes. I cannot judge her for posting that article....more

Geez, Am I A Spammer?

I have a Twitter auto-responder and until today I've felt like a responsible blogger for having one... Until I got a nasty little DM about being an unapreciated spammer.Ugh. Spammer? Me?So, I did some research online and (of course) everyone has an opinion. I just had no idea people would consider my "hey, thanks for the follow and check out my blog too...," reply spam....more

Taking Time To Cuddle

I'm determined to get some things done today, but my 3 year old is hanging off my left arm and my 2 year old is standing in between my arms pushing me away from the keyboard with her butt while I'm trying to type. How can a person work like this?Truth be told, it just can't happen unless I meanly chide them until they walk away broken hearted. Ewww, I hate me when I do that....more

For the Love of Pete, PLEASE Stop Tagging Me on Facebook!

It's happened to us all. A well-meaning friend or family member (usually my mother in law) will tag me in a picture that was never, ever, ever, meant for the world wide web. My MIL is a serial tagger. I appreciate being included, don't get me wrong, but I think it's time to make a rule about what's acceptable in social media. Tag away on pictures of my wonderful cooking, my kids' fashionable clothing, or my home decor, but for the love of Pete, please do not take+upload+tag a picture of me with crazy bed head and disheveled clothing! Why do I even have to ask this?...more