Are You a Tiger Mom?

Right in the heat of the holidays, I received a message from the social marketing folks for the publisher, David C. Cook.  Apparently, they wanted to know if I would be interested in previewing a new book by Ted Cunningham called TROPHY CHILD.  "Hummmmm... that could be interesting," was my thought, "I'm a bit of a book nerd anyway.  Plus, I just finished The Hobbit."  All I need to do is post a blog about the book later in January then I could give away a free copy.  I needed something extra to do just about as much as I needed a hole in my head....more

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Phablet Fun with Fifty Shades  Please see how my new smart phone, or "phablet" found Fifty Shades!...more

Fifty Shades of My Red Face    I really think I was the last mom on the planet to hear all about this trilogy.  Have you?  Here is this short-gray-haired-46-yr-old-mom-of-four's two cents on the book, Fifty Shades of Grey.  (please go to the link)  Tell me yours!...more

When Your Six Year Old Has a Fan Club

Mom's Handbook for Boredom

What to do when the kids complain, "MOM!  I'm Bored!"  Send me what happens at YOUR house and we'll make one big list in next week's column. love, a...more
As soon as they say that they know I will make them clean their room ;)more

Opening Doors in 2012 This is why my hair is so white!  ...more

A "P.C." Post Christmas Post On "Hott Flashes"... the Hott kids still made the nice list!  Sharing a "politically correct" post (this time)!...more

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Tree Traditions

Tell us about your family's tree traditions.  Anyone else looking for the pickle?  Click the link on this week's column on Moms of Faith here: or:
Took me a month to find that darn pickle on the tree after our daughter hid it! :-) Thanks for ...more