Treading With Firmer Step

We're not painting the door. I know, I know! And do you want to know what's worse? JOHNNY was going to do it for me! We went through this whole thought process that started with me wanting to get it hung before the family comes for opening day on Sunday, passed through the fact that this is the front door, practically in the living room, where everyone will always see it -- and ended with the conclusion that he's the professional and he really ought to be the one to tackle this job now that I was finished prepping it... read more at ...more

The House and I

I've been here for two weeks or so but only just discovered this forum because I'm an idiot. That's pretty much what I blog about, mostly as it relates to my stupid fixer-upper of a house. I am, in fact, WAY too much of an idiot to speak html (hence the caps instead of the italics), so I probably won't be blogging here at blogher, but I'll try to remember to post my headlines and a sentence or two at least, and you can read the rest at Come on over! Reassure yourself you're not the dumbest girl on earth! ...more

I could pretend to be your mom's friend if you really need me to...(heh heh)


As you ...more