People are people ~ Black History

People may have multiple identities BUT PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE ALL HUMAN FIRST!WE ALL BLEED RED! subscribe to our feed ...more

And then there is Black LOVE!

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George Benson, a voice that hits the heart.

On this quiet, wintery Sunday, I am thinking of my 'Greatest Love' of all who lived inside of me ~Happy Birthday to Bubba *heart* *heart*...more

Michael Jackson!

My ALL-TIME favorite Michael Jackson! What's yours??? subscribe to our feed ...more


This needs no introduction ...but for the young folk, this is Gregory Hines & Sammy Davis, Jr. subscribe to our feed ...more

Samuel L. Jackson

Wow Sam, we know you are the smartest, baddest, MOFO around, but dang!!! Great clip, enjoy! subscribe to our feed ...more

I still LOVE Avery Brooks!

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Happy Mardi Gras! Leah Chase!

Before I was born, my Gran would travel to New Orleans and eat at Dooky Chase and come home and tell my mother ALL about it ......more

'The Whole Gritty City' ~ NOLA Black History

I am not a native New Orleanian but I was raised loving it passed to me by my beloved maternal grandmother. She, being my heart and soul, was born there but raised in Chicago. True to the nature of New Orleans, it binds you for life ....more

HOT 8 Brass Band #NOLA

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