Do You Know What It Is To Miss New Orleans ...

This fascinates me because my Gran would have been 2 years old. My Gran's mother and sister were listed in the census in 1912 as "Living in the French Quarter" ... I have no one to ask where they lived when she my grandmother was born .. ....more


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MEAN tweets

Barack the House! Love when I wake up and Barack Obama is President. #noJebno subscribe to our feed ...more

A little bit of me ....

I had the distinct honor to witness this during this past 2015 Mardi Gras thanks to my friends now called Nola Fam ... it was breathtaking ... subscribe to our feed ...more

I wish I could burn 'The Lawn Chair'

So Shonda Rhimes and her Scandal...more

'Food Forward'

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'Still I Rise'

Hope you enjoyed your Black History Month!...more

People are people ~ Black History

People may have multiple identities BUT PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE ALL HUMAN FIRST!WE ALL BLEED RED! subscribe to our feed ...more

And then there is Black LOVE!

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George Benson, a voice that hits the heart.

On this quiet, wintery Sunday, I am thinking of my 'Greatest Love' of all who lived inside of me ~Happy Birthday to Bubba *heart* *heart*...more