Little Pieces are REALLY BIG PARTS!!!!

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Here Comes the Fall!

As I type this, crispy, crunchy leaves are hitting my sky-light.I wish I could say that I am happy, but in my world, this sign begins the awful decent into months of despair, light deprivation and longing for warm weather.I love Chicago, but my...more

#UpgradeYourBrush with REACH

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With the most workable bridges in the world, the best pizza, the best popcorn, the friendliest people ... CHICAGO IS the best, and most beautiful city on the planet in my opinion --- we just won't mention what happens here January thru March! Chicago by boat: A time-lapse journey from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.vimeo video page of Phillip Bloom subscribe to our feed ...more

For Liz

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three fifths of all other Persons ...

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I can not write about #Ferguson right now.Nor can I write about my youngest going away to school this fall ... in the South ....As someone who has devoted her entire adult life to law enforcement and being in love with a police officer the last 15 years, I CAN say that generalizing against the police is not the solution.I...more

My BlogHer Recap Rant!

So now it's over ... and I feel like this: ©houseonahillorg This empty room housed a party! It was vibrant, loud, filled with laughter, food, connection and love! ...more


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