Sometimes, We Eat Humble Pie

I have been working on a project called "That's What She Said!" It is all about empowering women and encouraging our daughters. Sometimes, I forget what that looks like.Last week, I found my daughter in the front yard with her friends...and MY CAMERA! My camera is mine, mine, mine! No one is to touch it, ever! I am like a toddler clutching a favorite toy with grubby hands....more
Are those photos hers? If so, I'm really impressed.more

A Mom, A Joyologist & A STREAKER!

Everything in life is a balance. Motherhood is no exception. Balancing my need to provide guidance, structure and love to my children while maintaining all the things that make me me, has been a balancing act. When I am harping on homework, bedtimes, and OMGBRUSHYOURTEETHALREADY, I still want to have a dance party in the kitchen....more

Don't Be a Sports Whackadoodle!

I love sports. I love to play sports. I love to watch my kids play sports. I love to coach sports.There is one thing that I don't like about sports: the whackadoodle fan. There seems to be one at every sporting event.It's one thing to go bat shit crazy at the Super Bowl or at the Final Four. Whatevs.It is another bucket of crazy to go ape shit at a CHILD'S sporting event.Dude, what gives?...more
I am a positive about cheering but this weekend something slipped up there was only a minute ...more

I Did WHAT In 2012?!?

The Best of 20121. I kicked off the new year by turning FORTY-LICIOUS and shared my classy words of wisdom......more

When Elf On The Shelf Goes Horribly Wrong

Happy Holidays from the neighborhood mom office, aka The Moffice!What started out as a simple Elf on the Shelf photo shoot, The conversation quickly turned to our Polly Pocket sized pal and how cute she would be on a shelf. As these things go, one thing led to an...more

Friendships and Vibrators

I love my gal pals. They go along with all the shenanigans that I throw their way.When I show up with eye black and ninja gear, they don't ask silly questions.When I post pictures of myself breaking and entering into their homes, they don't seek legal council....more

The "F" Word Stops Here

When I saw The Bearded Iris's post at Girl Body Pride, "Evicting The Mean Girls From My Head," I cheered and did what all good women do-I forwarded it to everyone in my address book. Chalk one up for women everywhere! I felt so united and liberated and offered to burn my bra! (No takers.)Then....more
Thank you for the RT! @Happylitlefeetmore

I Was A Great Parent Before I Had Children

My husband and I were married for five years before we had children. We watched parenting from the sidelines and we became experts.With our mental parenting manual in place, 803 parenting books on our shelves, and a 4-page birth plan, we became parents.When our first son was a toddler, guests would often ask, "How can you have all of your pretty things out?" and "You don't have baby gates?"My husband and I would share a knowing glance and we would respond, "We set clear boundaries."...more

Screw You, Schizophrenia

Fuck You, Schizophrenia.Because I hate your very name. It's long and no one knows how to spell it. Your stupid name has replaced a perfectly lovely name. His name is "Dan" and he is my brother. Because it isn't socially acceptable to blame my parents for schizophrenia. I rather enjoyed blaming them...those were good times and you took that from me.Because you have painted your graffiti on my beautiful brother. My sweet, sensitive, handsome brother, who used to turn heads but now makes people cross to the other side of the street....more
@Kimberly S. Woo-Woo! KIMBERLY! Good to see you.more

Top 10...11 Most Embarrassing Moments!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled HouseTalkN post with a personal post. If you are easily offended, please check back tomorrow for a lovely tablescape post, a burlap wreath or a chevron painting tip.When I read Nucking Futs Mama's post boasting "Yet Another Reason I Am Queen Of Embarrassing Moments" post, I felt challenged.I AM THE QUEEN of embarrassing moments, thank you very much. Nucking Futs Mama responded to my correction with "Bring it on!" Them's fightin' words around these parts....more