If You Feed Them, They Will Come : hospitality and why I'm always giving your kids snacks

If you could see my dining room table right now, you would not find a clear surface ready for "real" entertaining or school work....more

Brain Dump, volume three bazillion

This book looks totally neat....more

Can I tell you an embarassing secret?

It's taken me a while, a too long while, to finally really talk about the beautiful book of reflections on motherhood that I was blessed to be a part of. Do you want to know why? Because...well because I couldn't remember what I had written and I didn't want to find out because reading the things I've said gives me that same feeling of panic and shame that a person experiences when hearing their own voice on an answering machine ....more

Let's Talk About Hanging Plates (7qt)

Let's talk about plates, babyLet's talk about you and meLet's talk about all the good things and the bad thingsthatcouldbeLet's talk about plates....Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Dwija's amazing house of super hard math problems on the wall!...more

What crazy people do (dining room before and after)

One thing that crazy people do, I think, is to go to hardware stores on the day of their son's first communion to buy 1x2 boards....more

A Normal Day

Sometimes it's early in the morning and you're feeling pretty annoyed that the infant woke you up at 5:30 in the morning again and then you discover you've somehow run out of butter, and then you spill your coffee just as you hear the as-yet-un-potty-trained toddler hollering from her crib....more

5 Biggest Kitchen Reno Questions Answered

Well, to be totally precise, the only kitchen reno questions answered....more

Sunshine, Kung Fu, Boogers, and Lies {phfr}

Spring is such a tricky trickster....more

Kitchen: After pics!

Before we get to the good stuff, let's all say a prayer of gratitude that our family's eight guardian angels are apparently great friends with St. Florian and somehow worked it out that our house didn't burst into immediate flames an unknown number of months ago when this happened: Can you guess what you're looking at?...more

Kitchen In Process Pics

Hey. Want some pictures of the in-process kitchen?...more