I dove into the basement clutter today.  OK, not intentionally.  I was putting Christmas Decorations away and needed some space so I saw two of my 200 still unpacked boxes there and needed to move them so I figured that I would "unpack them" {yep, procrastinate actually putting the decorations away}. ...more


Enough of this random posting.  I am going to get back to my real point of this blog.....my old worn down house project.  Currently working on the transformation of my Dining Room.  In truth it is a NDR right now..... Non Dining Room.  Why you ask?  Well just take a gander at the picture and you can see........more


I find myself continually fighting against the act of procrastination.  Interestingly enough I just love the idea of being organized and getting things done.  I just haven't been able to find out exactly how this process of order and organization applies to me.  I make lists.  I buy calendars of every shape and size.  Hanging, desk, hardbound, softbound, spiral bound, small sizes, large sizes.  I could open a fully stocked calendar store.  I have even tried online calendars and list making apps....more
I hear you.  I LOVE feeling organized but I have to have the stars aligned just so to work ...more

Pressure.....they say it makes diamonds and I am willing to try

2014 here I am....I just joined the charge of NaBloPoMo and have made a commitment to blog every day during the month of January.  O. M. G. do I even have anything to say?!  Actually, I think I do.  Love the saying in the above picture....Pressure Makes Diamonds.   If it does then I should be at least a sparkling 10 carat Princess cut gem....more
Wow!  That is a lot of pressure!  I say, you are the 'diamond', the things to do the 'rough'.  A ...more