I'm the only Mom in the world that doesn't like Honest diapers

 When we first brought Phoebe home from the hospital we used Pampers Swaddlers. The hospital had given us a TON of them and free is one of my favorite things! They worked just fine and we were happy with them.Early on in my pregnancy I had plans for how this whole baby thing would look. Thanks to stylish moms on Instagram visions of chevron and hand knitted dolls danced through my head. And then, of course, there were the diapers. To be specific, Honest diapers. Oh they were so pretty. ...more

There will be JAM,

Me: "Ahh Phoebe is engrossed in chewing on her chew toy. I shall make some coffee and an English Muffin!" Delightful Phoebe: "WAH Hey I'm over this get over here now!"Me: Wanders over with Blackberry Jam covered English Muffin in mouth and picks up PhoebePhoebe: "Ah that's much better"Me: Looks down and sees red all down the front of Phoebe's PJs. "Oh my god she's bleeding! WHAT HAPPENED??"Looks all over Phoebe trying to find massive headwound or other source of blood.Phoebe: "You idiot you spilled Blackberry Jam on me!"  ...more

Stroller Seduction

Now I know I am a Mom.You know, just in case the cooing baby attatched to me left any room for doubt.First, I was lusting over a fancy space age looking high chair and now I am "oohing and aahing" over a stroller. Don't worry, I still love grown up shoes and sparkly nail polishes. I'm still here, inside this mom-shell....more